Zippo Hand Warmer

The Warmth You Want

From the most trusted and recognizable brand for bringing us warmth and light with a flick of the thumb comes the Zippo Hand Warmer! It comes as no surprise that this product is the top seller in the “Hand and Foot Warmers” category, because its design is perfect for rugged outdoors activities and it is much more effective and long-lasting as alternatives such as those disposable plastic hand warmer packets. Refillable and reusable, this Zippo hand warmer while reliably help you stave off cold hands and stiff fingers on many a hunting, hiking or skiing expedition. It slips easily into your pocket and delivers crucial warmth very quickly.

The Zippo Hand Warmer resembles a Zippo lighter in many ways, with its compact design and shiny, smooth, curved edges. Once lit, a flame burns internally and safely for a handheld heating source that lasts. The flame is not like that flickering orange fire you would normally expect with a Zippo lighter, but rather a subtle catalytic element that is virtually invisible to the eye and carries no risk of catching anything on fire. The specialized catalytic flame produces effective heat that emanates and keeps both of your hands nice and toasty when you wrap them around the warmer unit. You won’t find a more safe and reliable hand warmer.

Zippo Hand Warmer Is Perfect For The Outdoors?

Have you ever gone out for a cold-weather outing and found yourself stuffing your pockets full of disposable hand warmers or frantically searching for other units? The Zippo Hand Warmer is the perfect answer because it is small enough to slip in your pocket but delivers gentle and enduring warmth all day. It’s great for bringing to a football game, parade or any event. This product is a favorite for hunters, who spend long periods of time posted outside in the chilly conditions and love its long-lasting effectiveness as well as its simplicity. The Zippo Hand Warmer essentially serves as a miniature furnace that you can take with you anywhere you go!

Refillable And Reusable Zippo Hand Warmer

Many hand warmers are only good for a one-time use, or at the least they wane in their usefulness over time. That’s not so with the Zippo Hand Warmer, which continues to delivery warmth you can count on each time you need it. The unit is very easy to refill with fluid, with a fill cup designed to reduce spills. This fluid burns for up to 12 hours continuously with almost no odor, setting it apart from some other options that have a strong smell. When you choose Zippo, you are selecting a brand that has made a habit of raising the bar and innovating since it was founded all the way back in 1932.

Zippo Hand Warmer Advantages

  • Flameless heat that safely keeps you warm
  • Burns continuously for up to 12 hours
  • Perfect for lengthy outdoor events and hunting trips
  • Easy to refill and reuse
  • Produces almost no odor

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