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While yoga mats are typically considered the most common and essential accessory for one of the fastest growing forms of exercise around, Yoga Blocks are quickly gaining steam among yoga enthusiasts and beginners alike because they are cheap and versatile enough to enable a huge assortment of different exercises and poses. The Gaiam Yoga Blocks are the most highly rated and best selling product within this growing niche category, and it’s very inexpensive to find out for yourself just why their popularity continues to escalate. Whether you’re just getting into the yoga revolution or you’re a longtime advocate, try out these Yoga Blocks and experience new stretches and superior results.

Yoga Blocks are popularizing as part of the exploding yoga trend across the country. People have gravitated toward this form of exercise because of its low impact on the body and calming nature. It is a form of strength training that yields real results without requiring grunting lifts or excruciating intensity. It improves flexibility and balance. It promotes not only physical health but also the equally (or maybe even more) important mental health by creating a state of peace and tranquility. Yoga Blocks are terrific for people of all ages, genders and ability levels. There is no intimidation factor because you can truly set your own pace and difficulty, while still consistently making productive gains.

Why Use Yoga Blocks?

Yoga Blocks are less prevalent than the Foam Yoga Mat, which is placed on the ground and used as the surface for a variety of different laying and sitting movements. The blocks open your window to many different approaches that require a more substantial form of support. Yoga blocks help you maintain balance during standing or sitting positions. They assist with getting into the proper alignment for postures accurately and safely. They allow you to extend the duration of poses and feel more grounded without shaking or worrying about falling. They enable you to rest while in restorative poses, comfortably regaining energy for the next set of movements. Simply put, yoga blocks are a roundly critical component.

Why Gaiam Yoga Blocks Rock

These lightweight yet sturdy yoga blocks check in at 9 inches (length) by 6 inches (width) by 4 inches (height). They serve all the needs you require as a yoga accessory, with reliable stability and a nonstick surface that will help you maintain poses and traction. These yoga blocks are large and strong enough to support you while sitting for meditation purposes or simply for a breather. They are made from a durable foam material and can easily be washed by spot cleaning with a mild detergent, then drying with a towel or simply being aired out.

Go With Gaiam Yoga Blocks Because…

  • They are great for yoga experts and newbies alike
  • They assist with stability and balance
  • You can test out a number of new poses and movements
  • They are sturdy, durable and reliable
  • They’re easy to clean and use many times

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