Yeti Colster

Koozie Up!

The Yeti Colster is the drink koozie for the new generation. Those soft, flimsy, foam holders that you once used to keep your liquids cool and your hands warm are now a thing of the past, replaced by this sturdy and incredibly effective stainless steel unit. Part of the Yeti Rambler series, the Yeti Colster has rapidly gained huge popularity and is the top-selling and top-reviewed product in the “Travel Insulated Drink Tumblers” category. A one-time investment in this outstanding metal drink koozie will deliver long-lasting rewards, enhancing any picnic, barbeque or tailgating experience while making your friends jealous of your high-tech party accessory.

Whether in cold or hot weather, the Yeti Colster is an excellent choice. When it’s chilly outside, you can hold your can of beer, soda or other liquid without needing to constantly switch hands because the container is so cold against your skin. Meanwhile, on hot days, the Yeti Colster will keep your drink icy cold all the way down to the last drop, and the product’s sophisticated no-sweat design means you don’t need to worry about condensation dripping from the outside. Yeti’s tagline for this Rambler Colster is that it “keeps your drink as cold as science allows” and that rings true, with its amazingly engineered structure providing the very best in beverage insulation.

Yeti Colster Lets You Enjoy Your Drink Until The End

Once you’ve enjoyed a drink securely in your Yeti Colster, you’ll never want to go without it again. If you’ve ever had a can of beer, you’ve undoubtedly reached that point where finishing it becomes an unpleasant struggle. Once you begin to near the end of your can, the drinks becomes warm and loses much of its carbonation, leaving you with a rather unpleasant flavor and temperature. You can avoid this issue with a Yeti Colster, which keeps your drink cold and crisp throughout the duration of drinking it, thoroughly increasing your enjoyment. This product offers excellent flexibility and versatility, as it can hold cans of different sizes as well as bottles. Very few drink koozies out there can match such a claim.

The Ultra-Durable Yeti Colster

Built from heavy-duty stainless steel and using double-wall vacuum insulation along with a patented thermoLOCK gasket, the Yeti Colster is brilliantly effective at keeping your drinks cold and blows away those sad foam koozies that have become customary for such purposes. The combination of durability, versatility, dryness enabled by sweat-proof construction, and overall temperature control makes this item a real winner, especially with a price point below $35. Whether indoors or outdoors, alone or with friends, drinking any variety of beverages, the Yeti Colster will improve your experience and make you wonder how you ever drank without it.

Yeti Colster Advantages

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel for maximum durability
  • Double-wall vacuum insulations keeps drinks cold and hands warm
  • Sweat-proof construction means no worries about external moisture
  • Fits both 12-oz cans and bottles
  • Top selling and top reviewed insulated drink holder

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