XT808Finding the Best Tactical Flashlight

Every since the military-grade technology became available to consumer-facing manufacturers, tactical flashlights have exploded in popularity. This really comes as no huge surprise, because flashlights are among the most essential accessories to own. Whether keeping one in your house for an emergency, or taking one out on your travels, these guiding lights are indispensable. And of course, this new LED-based military tech takes the tool to an entirely new level. So we wondered: is the XT808 the best tectical flashlight available on the market today? Is it the strongest value? We took a deeper look and we’ll present our findings below.

XT808 is one of the top sellers in its category, and feedback — per online customer reviews — has been extremely positive. We wanted to take a look at whether the XT808 Flashlight looked like a good buy in terms of price, reliability and features. After all, there is no shortage of different options. The growing popularity of the niche means that many different brands and companies are trying to get a slice of the action. Too often, we find that these products are cheap knock-offs rather than true military-grade hardware. Is XT808 just another pretender, or does it really deliver the quality that people desire in such a critical accessory?

XT808 Flashlight Review

As someone who is very familiar with using different tactical flashlights, and which aspects really matter to the operator, I would say there are two primary considerations. Firstly, there’s the durability and integrity of the frame. Too often I see companies cut corners and use cheaper materials. This is a bummer because it scratches easily, malfunctions when wet and can break from a short drop. XT808 uses premium aircraft aluminum that is up to the standards of military usage. It is compect, but virtually unbreakable. It is also extremely water resistant so you don’t need to worry about splashing or rainfall. This is certainly a big selling point for the XT808 Flashlight.

XT808 Flashlight Features

The second main measure for a tactical flashlight, in my mind, is the quality and strength of the LED bulb. While nearly every tactical military flashlight uses LED (light emitting diode) technology, not all of the bulbs are the same. It’s another area where some brands skimp out in order to maximize profit margins. This, too, is an area where the XT808 Tactical Flashlight really stands out. This model contains an industry-leading CRR XM-T6 emitter, capable of producing eye-popping lumen output and boasting more than 100,000 hours of lamp life. Of course, as you expect with a tactical flashlight, XT808 also offers a range of different lighting modes such as high, low, SOS and strobe.

XT808 Tactical Flashlight Features

  • Built from premium aircraft aluminum casing
  • Industry-leading Cree XM-L 6 LED bulb
  • Elite brightness and long-lasting lamp life
  • Water resistant and beyond durable
  • Available for 75 percent off now

What To Use a Tactical Flashlight For

Well, these accessories offer basically all the same utilities as a standard flashlight, except better. They’re great to have around the house for a power outage or other emergency situation, but the superior brightness and range will be very handy. They are great to keep on hand for any camping or outdoors traveling, but the compact design makes them much more portable. And they also function very well as a self-defense tool. The beam is so bright that shining it directly into an assailant’s eyes can temporary disorient them.

How Much Does the XT808 Flashlight Cost?

The original listed price for the XT808 is over $200. That’s a more legitimate price point than we see with some others, but we still wouldn’t recommend paying that much. You can find this model on sale in a few different places online. The best deal we’ve seen is through the link below, where you can find it for 75 percent off. At just over $50, the XT808 Flashlight is a very good value and a bargain.

Get XT808 Tactical Flashlight

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