X800 Flashlight Review

The Enlightened Choice

The quest to find the best tactical flashlight, within a rapidly growing and proliferating product category, can be challenging. Amidst the many competitors, the X800 Flashlight makes a great case as one of the best high performance tactical flashlights you can buy. This product excels across every feature area that has made these accessories so popular, and does so at a very reasonable price that won’t break the bank. As a gift for any outdoorsman, or for yourself, you can’t go wrong with this handy and durable X800 Flashlight with its powerful beam, adjustable modes and superior portability. If you’ve been in the market for a tactical flashlight, this one deserves your attention and consideration.

Products like the X800 Flashlight have seen a major spike in reception lately because new models are breaking ground and customers have embraced the indispensable nature of these tools. Compact and lightweight, they’re easy to bring anywhere with you, and can also be packed away anywhere for convenient storage. It’s the ultimate one-handed flashlight that gives you complete maneuverability and control. The LED bulbs are far more durable than those used in previous flashlight models, so the X800 Flashlight is built to survive drops and impact in a way that most alternatives simply cannot. And of course, when it comes to lumens and brightness, the X800 Tactical Flashlight really stands out.

X800 Flashlight Shines Bright

Nicknamed “Flashgiant,” the X800 Flashlight features an extremely powerful LED beam that can illuminate a large area and allow you to see everything down to the smallest detail. If you’ve used flashlights with unsatisfactory lighting output, that will never be a oncern with the X800 Flashlight, which uses state-of-the-art LED technology for reliable performance. Not only does this tool cut through the darkness and overcome foggy or murky conditions, but its advanced LED bulb is built to last, with more than 100,000 lamp hours. The most important core aspect of any tactical flashlight is the reliability of knowing it will be ready when you need it, and this is an area where the X800 LED outshines the competition.

Variable Settings With X800 Flashlight

Sometimes tactical flashlights are used for the simple purpose of guiding your way or examining a darkened area, but often times they serve other purposes and the FlashGiant LED X800 Flashlight can assist in any such situation. It offers five different lighting modes, with three different brightness settings (High, Medium, Low) to go along with Strobe and SOS. This works very well for signaling nearby individuals and staying visible. The X800 also features five different distance settings through its telescopic focusing capability, so with the twist of a dial you can zoom in and illuminate areas that are either close up or far away with acute accuracy. Altogether, the X800 Flashlight boasts everything you need in a tactical flashlight accessory.

X800 Flashlight Features

  • Compact and extremely durable tactical flashlight
  • Powerful LED beam delivers 100,000 hours of lamp life
  • Variable lighting modes and zoom settings are easy to cycle through
  • Great for camping, hunting, fishing and any outdoor activity
  • Built from superior materials and components for optimal performance

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