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X700 Flashlight DiscountEnlightened Protection and Safety

The X700 Flashlight is quickly become an indispensable tool, not only for ensuring that you’ll be covered if the power goes out or you need to venture into pitch-black darkness, but even more so when it comes to the purposes of protecting yourself, your family, and your property. Self-defense specialists and law enforcement professionals around the country have been singing the praises of the X700 tactical flashlight, which produces a beam so bright that it can deter would-be intruders or assailants. Small, compact and portable, this flashlight is designed with military technology and constructed from aircraft aluminum and most powerful consumer LED bulb in the world.

Previously only available to those in the military or police and fire departments, the X700 Flashlight became publicly available in limited numbers just this year. With gun laws in flux and concerned citizens constantly searching for new methods of protection and self defense, the proliferation of this technology could not have come at a better time. Not only is the X700 tactical flashlight the most trustworthy and effective flashlight on the market when it comes to illuminate dark areas and navigating pitch black conditions, but its blinding beam can also be used as the ultimate deterrent against hostile presences. After quickly selling out their first round of inventory, Military Supply USA has received a smaller second-round stock. You can buy one while they’re still available by clicking below:

X700 Flashlight Used By Military Personnel

How do you know you can trust the X700 Flashlight? Well, the fact that this very same model has been used for years, out in the field, by the men and women who serve our country is a good sign. Prior to being made available to the consumer public, the X700 tactical flashlight was used exclusively by military and emergency services personnel. It is suited for these situations because it is built from the same aluminum material that comprises aircraft, meaning its metal casing is almost unbreakable. Its reliably performance in any condition and its convenient portability makes it the tool of choice for people that need a light source they can count on at all times.

X700 Flashlight Features

The incredibly compact X700 tactical flashlight measures at just 5.1 inches in length (6.18 when fully extended) and 1.37 inches in maximum width. It is shockingly lightweight considering the heavy-duty materials that it’s built with and all of the variable settings it offers. The star of the show is a CREE LED emitter bulb that is the most powerful and long-lasting on the consumer market. Producing up to 700 lumens of brightness, the X700 flashlight blows away standard household flashlights which offers less than 100 lumens. This advanced bulb also delivers around 10,000 hours of lamp life, ensuring many years of heavy usage before you’d even need to think about replacing it. 

Why The X700 Flashlight?

  • The official choice for military, police and firefighters
  • Built from durable aircraft aluminum
  • Features the most powerful and longest-lasting bulb available
  • Lights the darkness and disorients intruders
  • Variable zoom settings and lighting modes

X700 Tactical Flashlight Settings

The X700 Flashlight offers a wide variety of different settings, both in terms of zoom level and light modes. By using the adjustable face button on the flashlight you can zoom in by as much as 2000x, allowing precision lighting in large darkened areas. The variable modes include three brightness levels (low, medium and high) as well as an SOS and a strobe, both of which can prove useful in certain situations. Adjusting these settings can easily be accomplished on the fly with one hand.

X700 Flashlight Review

You simply won’t find another flashlight that can produce 700 lumens of brightness within this same price range. The models that have been bought by military and police in the past have cost at least two to three times as much, but now that the technology has gone mainstream and the X700 Flashlight is being produced on a higher scale, the price point has dropped to a point where any average consumer can buy one or even two. This tactical flashlight backs up its claims for durability and performance, so it’s easy to see why many people around the country and now viewing it as a must-have in their homes. Click below for a special offer.

Cheap X700 Tactical Flashlight

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