White Noise Machine Review

Rest Peacefully

Millions of people around the world are sleeping better with the help of a simple and innovative device: the White Noise Machine. This wildly popular product has received rave reviews from people who have finally found an effective way to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep through the night. Also known as a “Sound Conditioner,” the White Noise Machine serves a basic function: Creating a consistent, calming sound of rushing air that has been proven to help many people rest more peacefully. It’s not mumbo jumbo, there is actually scientific evidence backing up the fact that for many people, blocking out additional sounds with an even output like this really does lead to better sleep.

Many people have enjoyed a similar phenomenon to a White Noise Machine by running a fan when they go to bed, or leaving the television on at a dull hum. Your ears and your brain become attuned to these consistent sound styles and you’re able to drift off. Then, because those sounds continue to run all night, you’re less likely to be awakened by the kinds of sudden and unexpected noises that often jolt us out of our sleep. These can include another person in the house getting up and moving around at night, a car honking on the street outside, thunder snapping amidst a late-night storm and more. White Noise Machines block out these kinds of interruptions and prevent them from waking you during the most crucial and productive parts of your sleep cycle.

How Does This White Noise Machine Work?

The Marpac DOHM-DS is a natural White Noise Machine that generates some of the most soothing effective sound dynamics in the industry. It is the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation and with good reason, it’s the highest rated model on the market. This 120 V machine is great for the home and is easily portable for travel so you can take it with you. The Marpac White Noise Machine delivers a rushing air sound that reliably cancels out background noises and is specifically designed to support your sleep. The sound is actually created by a built-in fan, rather than a digital recording, giving it a more realistic and lifelike touch that is more conducive to helping you fall asleep and stay asleep.

White Noise Machine Is Perfect For Babies

While it is great for helping many adults rest more peacefully, the White Noise Machine is also extremely popular as an accessory for nurseries and babies’ bedrooms. Its soothing sounds assist babies with sleeping and are especially valuable toward blocking out sounds that might awaken them, which is important because it’s awfully difficult to be completely quiet around the house at all times when a young child is napping throughout the day. This White Noise Machine has two speed settings — a higher speed that produces more noise and a lower speed that produces less. Find the level that is right for you (or your baby) and let it run. You’ll be blown away by the difference in sleep quality and the results improvements in how you feel the next day.

White Noise Machine Advantages

  • Soothing, consistent sounds help you sleep soundly
  • Great for baby nurseries, blocking out background noises
  • Two speed settings help you find the perfect level.
  • All-natural sound from a fan, rather than digital recordings
  • Official sound conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation

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