Waterproof Mens Boots

Stay Dry As You Adventure

With a pair of Timberland Waterproof Mens Boots, you’ll be ready for anything that Mother Nature can throw at you. These rugged and heavy-duty boots keep your feet dry and comfortable through rain, snow, sleet and any other elements. If you like to adventure outdoors, these waterproof mens boots are a critical item to add to your gear. Perfect for camping or hiking, the boots are made from full-grain waterproof leather and carry the Timberland name that is trusted above all others for outdoor footwear. Plus, right now for a limited time, select sizes and models are available at a special discount. The timing is ideal as we head into the winter months.

Comfort is the name of the game with these Waterproof Mens Boots from Timberland. Carefully engineered to keep your feet and ankles dry through any conditions, they contain a padded color and tongue to keep the top part of your feet feeling good as well as a breathable EVA footbed that is soft against your soles and prevents your feet from becoming sweaty and overheated. The gusseted tongue alleviates lace pressure so you can tie them up tight without worrying about discomfort or abrasion. When your feet are comfortable and dry it turns a hike or climb into a far more enjoyable experience so any fellow really needs to have a pair of waterproof mens boots before embarking on any such excursion.

Waterproof Mens Boots Deliver Outstanding Performance

Of course, when you’re considering a pair of Waterproof Mens Boots, comfort is only one part of the equation. What about performance? Fortunately, Timberland’s offerings rate extremely well on that end, providing you with unparalleled traction and grip that will be crucial as you navigate slippery surfaces and unpredictable terrain. These boots use a system called B.S.F.P (Brake, Support, Flex and Propel), with a highly durable rubber outsole containing lugs that help you remain agile as you move about. Primary flex contours at the ball of your foot along with secondary flex grooves at the front toe area allow this boot’s form to work in harmony with your natural stepping movement for maximum efficiency.

The Truly Waterproof Mens Boots

Often times, footwear and apparel that claim to be waterproof don’t really hold up to the claim when you need them to. Sure, an item might be comprised of a waterproof material, but it can be awfully easy to moisture and wetness to get in and cause major discomfort, especially if you’re in an area where it’s raining or water is splashing. The Timberland waterproof mens boots really do keep you bone dry, with a number of sophisticated features to ensure an effective waterproof seal. This includes the full-grain leather upper portion, the moisture-wicking breathable footbed and the gusseted tongue that supports a tight yet comfortable lace closure at the top, keeping out water and debris.

Timberland Mens Waterproof Boots

  • Waterproof boots from the most trusted brand for outdoor footwear
  • Comfortable and breathable boots that keep your feet dry
  • B.S.F.P. System delivers maximum traction and performance
  • Perfect for hiking, camping, climbing and more
  • Special discounts available on selected options

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