Unbreakable Umbrella

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Have you heard about the Unbreakable Umbrella yet? It’s a product that the world needed because, let’s face it, the vast majority of umbrella’s simply aren’t sturdy enough to reliably handle severe weather conditions. And those are often the times that we need them most! How frustrating is it when you flip open your umbrella and it immediately gets caught up in a harsh wind, only to flip into an inverted state or even snap? This is exactly what we do not need when trying to stay try in stormy weather, and the team at Kolumbo recognized this problem and designed a solution in the form of the Unbreakable Umbrella. This is a model that provides the protection and durability you truly need.

The reasons you would want an Unbreakable Umbrella are fairly self evident. In your day to day life, rain can come at any time, so it’s important to have this accessory on to keep you dry and comfortable. If you frequently engage in outdoor activities or exploration, such as hikes, climbing or camping, it’s even more important to focus on maximum durability because when you’re out in the elements, conditions can be unpredictable and having your umbrella fail can cause major issues. There are other brands out there that make similar claims about manufacturing an umbrella that won’t break, but only Kolumbo has mastered the formula with its Unbreakable Umbrella, and they’ve got the customer reviews to prove it.

Unbreakable Umbrella For Tough Conditions

Constructed with an advanced Flexible Fiberglass Frame, the Kolumbo Unbreakable Umbrella has been tested to maintain its form and function in wind speeds up to 55 MPH. Even in such conditions (which are essentially hurricane/typhoon level), the umbrella still will not bend or break. When they say “unbreakable,” they mean it, and they back up that promise with a Zero Defect Assurance. If it ever breaks, you get a complete refund. When you’re camping or hiking in severe weather, you can’t afford to have an umbrella that lets you down, because that means you’ll have no choice but to be drenched and miserable. The Unbreakable Umbrella is built for those that need a product they can trust, and its price point — currently marked down by 50 percent — makes it accessible to anyone.

Features Of The Unbreakable Umbrella

In addition to its incredible durability and dependability, the Unbreakable Umbrella is also a very handy and convenient accessory in its own right. With a model titled the “Ultraslim Windmaster” this compact umbrella folds down into a size that can easily be stored or packed anywhere, but unfolds into a large canopy that can cover two people. Rather than requiring you to manually struggle with opening and closing it, the Unbreakable Umbrella sports an Auto Open button that snaps it open and shut in a snap second. Step outside, push the button, and stay dry. This great umbrella comes in six different colors so you can match it up to your personal tastes.

Unbreakable Umbrella Advantages

  • Maintains its form in wind speeds up to 55 MPH
  • Even in the most extreme conditions, it will never bend or break
  • Large full-coverage umbrella folds down to compact, portable size
  • Auto open button flips the umbrella out in less than a second
  • Lifetime guarantee. If it ever breaks, you get a full refund

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