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Ultra ShotAbout the UltraShot Tactical Sling

Slingshots aren’t just a harmless amusement for kids anymore. Not with the Ultra Shot, a brand new tactical tool that is anything but a toy. This revolutionary device is frankly one of the coolest survivalist and recreational accessories we have come across in years. While simple in appearance, the UltraShot is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment. Compact and easy to carry, it’s an item that anyone will like to have on hand. But just what is the Ultra Shot? Who, in particular, might enjoy this tactical sling and how much does it cost? Read on and we will take a closer look in our UltraShot review.

Survival tools and accessories are all the rage these days. It isn’t too hard to see why. We live in an increasingly dangerous world and security is an ongoing priority. Not just for ourselves but for our family and property. While firearms laws and restrictions continue to draw much debate and concern, people are seeking other ways to ensure their safety. This is part of the reason for the popularity of self-defense items such as the Ultra Shot tactical sling. Although this item has many different functions and utilities, many enjoy the peace of mind it offers in a hostile or emergency situation.

What is Ultra Shot?

It’s kind of like a slingshot, but not really. When you look at it, the Ultra Shot doesn’t really resemble the classic pebble-flinging handheld. But it operates on the same principle of firing projectiles through a hand-operated motion, with not electronics or mechanisms necessary. When wielding the user-friendly and totally safe UltraShot, you an fire anything from rocks to BBs to arrows. While it might not appear to offer that much precision, the Ultra Shot actually delivers considerably accuracy and is quite easy to aim. Men and women of all ages will enjoy using this sling. Just make sure to wear eye protection, so as to ensure no accidents occur!

What is Ultra Shot

The uses for the Ultra Shot are basically infinite. You and friends can take it out and compete in target practice. Firing small projectiles at a rate of 30 FPS, it is adequate for hunting small game. Take it out in the wilderness and see what you can bring down! But as mentioned before, the biggest reason that people buy the UltraShot sling, and carry it around with them, is its protective aspects. The small handheld device is extremely discreet and portable so it’s not hard to take with you everywhere. Its rapid fire functionality enables it to let loose at three times the rate of a standard slingshot. And you can shoot essentially any type of projectile as ammunition.

Ultra Shot Features

  • Compact and portable tactical sling
  • Fires almost any small projectile
  • Great for BBs, rocks and arrows
  • Easy to wield and surprisingly accurate
  • Durable construction holds up over time
  • Top trending survivalist accessory

What Does UltraShot Shoot?

Well, your options with this new-age slingshot are pretty much endless. The core ammo for the Ultra Shot is metal BBs but you can use rocks or basically anything small enough to fit in side the pouch. This is very handy when out exploring or camping because people don’t always want, or aren’t always able, to bring specific ammo. So you can just use whatever is handy. In an emergency situation this would be an invaluable accessory on hand, capable of helping you find food or defend against dangers.

How Much Does the Ultra Shot Cost?

Given its versatility, durability and wide range of uses, the Ultra Shot is surprisingly inexpensive. You can find all the best UltraShot deals by clicking the link below. They are quite affordable when you buy one ($37) but you can really rack up the savings and discounts by buying multiple units. Since this is the perfect gift for just about anyone, you shouldn’t have difficulty finding people who would love to receive one. These deals won’t last long, so make sure to grab your Ultra Shot tactical sling now!

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