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Packing for a road trip? Catching a flight across the country? Simply heading to a friend’s place for the night? Whatever the case, a Traveling Backpack is the perfect choice for easy and pain-free transportation of all your stuff. This terrific product from SwissGear combines durability with comfort and utility in a way that few other offerings can match. With a wide assortment of pockets and compartments to go along with numerous attachments and hooks, you’ll be blown away by how many pieces of clothes, accessories and gadgets you can fit into this extremely useful traveling backpack. You can add an entirely new dimension of convenience to all of your travels with this highly rated backpack.

With the way traveling works out these days, especially on airplanes, a Traveling Backpack is something that can not only make your life easier, but can also save you money. Many airlines are starting to charge additional fees for carry-on luggage, and even more for checked baggage, so your suitcase or bulky duffle bag become even bigger burdens than they were when you simply had to worry about lugging them around everywhere. Compact and capable of being stored in small places, the traveling backpack can cut down on your stress and expenses. Pack a few items, bring it into the plane as your personal item and stick it below the seat in front of you. No more hassle of finding checked luggage on the carousel or trying to stuff it into the overhead bin.

Most Comfortable Traveling Backpack

Bringing together form and fashion, the SwissGear Traveling Backpack has a sleek design and is engineered for optimal comfort. The sturdy padded contoured shoulder straps hold the backpack securely on your back but won’t chafe or painfully dig into your skin even when you’re carrying large amounts of weight. The back panel is also heavily padded, so the bag feels soft against your back even if hard or edged objects are situated in the back pocket. The back panel also uses airflow ventilation technology, keeping the materials of the traveling backpack breathable and reducing the heat against your back when you carry it for longer periods of time.

Carry Everything With SwissGear’s Traveling Backpack

SwissGear is a company that is renowned for its innovative style and quality output when it comes to accessories like luggage, bags, wallets and more. This traveling backpack provides the utility and reliability that you would expect from such a brand. The shockingly spacious backpack acts as a laptop bag, safely holding almost any laptop computer up to 17 inches in size. There are also plenty of smaller pockets for cables and accessories, larger compartments that nicely fit clothes or shoes, a protective floating TableSafe tablet pocket, an accordion file holder, several side pockets and a water bottle pocket. You really can carry just about anything in this versatile and hugely popular traveling backpack.

SwissGear Traveling Backpack Features

  • Made from heavy-duty ballistic polyester fabric
  • Safely carries laptops up to 17 inches in size
  • Numerous compartments and pockets for maximum storage
  • Padded shoulder straps and breathable back panel provide optimal comfort
  • Far more convenient than a duffle bag or suitcase

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