TL900 LED Headlamp

TL900LED Headlamp Review

The TL900 is similar to other tactical flashlights we have encountered, with one primary difference that is very important: it can be worn around the head for hands-free usage that makes it a versatile and convenient accessory in a wide variety of situations. Many other flashlights are compact and portable but none can match the utility of the TL900 LED Headlamp when it comes to camping, exploring or survival situations. In this review we will examine how this product compares to the military flashlighst that have recently become highly popular, as well as existing headlamps available in stores. Is it worth spending a little more on this high-powered LED alternative?

Here’s the thing that immediately stands out about the TL900: it’s a headlamp with a 1,000 lumen LED lamp. That’s a level of brightness and reach that you’re simply not going to find with other headlamp flashlights. That’s not to say that others don’t get the job done, but you won’t find one that effectively illuminates everything in front of you, even in pitch black darkness, quite the same way that the TL900 LED Headlamp does. This is nearly the same illumination factor found with high-priced military-grade tactical flashlights that have been flying off shelves since the technology was recently made available to the public. Click below to find TL900 price and discount details:

TL900 Features

The TL900 lighting unit itself is built from highly durable aircraft aluminum and features a variety of lighting modes and zoom settings. By simply turning a dial you can alternative between zoom levels of 1x, 250x, 500x, 1000x and 2000x, making this tactical headlamp a handy companion for essentially any situation. The variable lighting modes allow you to quickly switch between high, low, strobe and SOS outputs. The TL900 LED Headlamp is an invaluable tool to have on hand when you’re out in the field and looking for piece of mind.

TL900 Features

The TL900 lamp unit itself attaches to the users head with a comfortable, adjustable strap fixture with one-size-fits-all utility. The flashlight attachment remains securely in place even during intense movement, and points forward with a 90-degree angle that is easy to point and aim. We found it quite easy to switch between settings and make adjustments on the go. When people are perusing outdoors and camping accessories such as the TL900 LED Headlamp the main thing they are looking for is reliability and hardware quality, and this product rates very well in both areas. The CREE XM-L T6 bulb is among the most powerful lighting accessories in the business, and boasts more than 10,000 hours of lamp life. The TL900 unit is also water resistant and built to withstand the elements.

What We Like About TL900

  • One of the most powerful headlamps we have encountered
  • Premium 1000-lumen LED bulb
  • Built from durable aircraft aluminum casing
  • Offers excellent flexibility with variable zoom and lighting modes
  • Reasonably priced relative to similar accessories

How To Choose The Best Headlamp

This is not a decision to be taken lightly. Choosing the right headlamp can pay substantial dividends when you’re out in the wilderness and trying to light your way through unfamiliar settings. The TL900 has one a light beam so powerful that it can scare away dangerous animals or disorient an assailant at its highest setting. It also has a massive illumination range and can replicate daylight over large expanses of land. For the purposes of most campers or outdoors enthusiasts, the TL900 LED Headlamp is going to meet or exceed expectations in every important category.

Where To Find TL900 Headlamp

We’ve seen the TL900 LED Headlamp sold at a few different destinations online but several of them are third-party retailers that are marking up the price. By going straight to the source you can access a TL900 discount that cuts 75 percent off of the suggested retail price, and for a limited time they are also offering free shipping on new orders. In order to access this special, click below and fill out the simple form. 

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