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ThingCharger is the most innovative and intriguing electronics accessory we have seen for some time. Its basic premise is simple, yet the efficiency it adds — both in terms of saving space and hassle — is immeasurable. This is an item that almost everyone is going to want to have in their home, particularly those who have multiple handheld devices (such as smartphones, MP3 players and tablets) and get tired of trying to negotiate outlet allotments in order to keep them charged and ready to go. ThingCharger might have a funny name but the convenience this device brings to your home is no joke.

The problem solved by ThingCharger is one that most of us can relate to: the need to power up all of our various gadgets — most importantly our mobile phones, which have become lifelines for both professional and social requirements — means that we’re constantly dealing with limited outlet space, bulky charger ports and tangled cords. This leads to various problems that extend beyond the simply disorganization of it all. Placing a charging cell phone on the counter leaves it vulnerable to puddles and spills. Charging cables are prime victims for pets to chew through. ThingCharger offers a slick solution that is more than convenient — it’s sharp and ultra-modern.

How Does ThingCharger Work?

At first glance, the ThingCharger device looks like a standard outlet with two three-prong input spots. This is by design. It actually is an adapter that plugs into an outlet, and features an interchangeable device charger that protrudes from the top. When the ThingCharger is plugged in, it looks like the outlet did before (though a closer inspection will discover that it sticks out slightly from the wall) and you can use it as such, plugging in anything requires electricity without losing any wattage in the translation. But what makes this accessory totally unique and incredibly nice to have is that charger for mobile devices.

ThingCharger Mobile Charger

ThingCharger Cell Phone Charger

The mobile device charger port emerges discreetly from the top of the ThingCharger apparatus. Using it, you can take your phone, affix it to the top of the accessory, and allow it to charge while requiring no cord and taking up no extra space. Your handheld device will be held firmly in place, and with the screen facing outward, you can keep an eye on it for incoming calls and texts while it rests against the wall and charges. It’s perfect for cluttered areas and any place where cables are unwanted (particularly around animals and children). It also adds a high-tech, futuristic element to your home, which guests are sure to get a kick out of.

ThingCharger Features

  • Saves space and eliminates need for cumbersome charger ports
  • No cords to get tangled or chewed through by pets
  • Still delivers full power to any electronics plugged in 
  • Interchangeable port works with virtually any device
  • Stackable — plug in two or three at once to charge multiple handhelds

ThingCharger Works With Most Handheld Devices

Thanks to the ease with which you can swap out the device charger on the ThingCharger, it’s easy to use it with any device, be it smartphone, tablet, etc. Whether your need is USB, mini-USB, Lightning for iPhone or what have you, it’s easy to set it up for any of them and the different options can be stored conveniently inside the ThingCharger itself. There are also two standard USB inputs on the bottom for additional needs. On top of all that, ThingCharger is one of the most eco-friendly power solutions around because it cuts down on “vampire energy” that most device chargers are guilty of.

Where Can I Buy ThingCharger?

This crowdfunded product was developed and manufactured by a small company with limited resources. It is available only online. The spike in popularity for ThingCharger has caused inventory to be an issue. Orders are currently being fulfilled and shipped for those who made their purchase within the past two months. If you act now you should be able to get yours in the mail during the current or next wave but orders are backing up quickly. Click below for specific details on when you can get your ThingCharger.

Where To Find ThingCharger

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