Tact9000Military Flashlight Technology

Tact9000 is the most powerful flashlight in the world. For many years it has been entrusted by the men and women who dutifully serve to protect our country, and now it is being entrusted by thousands of individuals across the country who want to protect themselves, their families and their property. The Tact9000 Tactical Flashlight is the only lighting source that doubles as a survival tool, with its blindingly bright beam and incredibly sturdy construction. There’s a reason that this military flashlight has offered peace of mind to people across the country ever since it became available to the general public a few months ago. With increasingly strict weapon and self-defense laws choking our citizens, there’s no saying how long these tactical flashlights will remain legal.

The Tact9000 had previously only been accessible by military personnel and those working in emergency services, such as police officers and fire fighters. When the technology became publicly available in the spring, there was a wealth of media coverage because never before has a tactical flashlight like this been available for purchase. Sure, the Tact9000 Tactical Flashlight is the most effective handheld lighting accessory you will ever find, with a beam that can turn darkness into daylight under any conditions. But it is the flashlight’s functionality as a self-defense apparatus that has really bolstered its popularity. Find out how by clicking on the button beneath:

Tact9000 For Self Defense

Let’s say an intruder enters your house or trespasses your property with intent to do harm. Without a Tact9000 Tactical Flashlight, your options are limited to a few different things: use deadly force with a weapon if you have one on hand, or call the cops and wait for help.  The Tact900 offers an appealing alternative. With a 1000 lumen LCD beam that can’t be rivaled by any other product, this military grade flashlight serves as a valuable deterrent. Shine it in the direction of an intruder and they will become temporarily disoriented, unable to move toward you or attack. This provides you with time to flee or react.

Tact9000 Features

A number of different tactical flashlights have emerged since the technology was publicized but only Tact9000 is built from aircraft aluminum that withstands any punishment and elements. The LED bulb, which features an adjustable focusing beam that can be zoomed up to 2000x, offers years of lamp life and will always be ready when needed. The flashlight has five selectable preset modes, including different light intensities as well as an SOS and Strobe function. 

Tact9000 Design Features

  • Built from the most durable and premium materials
  • Strongest bulb of any tactical flashlight
  • Perfect accessory for emergency situations
  • Engineered from exclusive military technology
  • Variable zoom and preset functions

The Best Tactical Flashlight?

The difference is in the bulb. Tact9000 contains the most powerful LED lamp with unsurpassed 1000-lumen output and the longest lamp life. Many cheap knock-offs use inferior bulbs and circuitry but Tact9000 uses the very same components and construction design as the models that have been effectively utilized in military operations and emergency situations. Accept no imitators and go with the brand that professionals trust.

Limited Tact9000 Discount

For a short time during its initial release period, the Tact9000 Tactical Flashlight is available at a huge discount — 75 percent off of its original list price. This is an opportunity that will not last long and it can only be accessed by following the banner below and purchasing your flashlight directly from the manufacturer. This allows the sellers to cut out middle-man costs and affiliate mark-ups, enabling them to offer the tactical flashlight at the lowest cost possible. If you buy multiple units at once (it makes for a great gift for anyone), you can pile up even more significant discounts. Again, this offer is dependent on supplies which are going fast, so act quickly if you want to take advantage.

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