T700 Flashlight

T700 FlashlightIs Nighthawk T700 The Real Deal?

The T700 Flashlight has quickly become the most popular tactical flashlight on the market. The entire product category has really taken off ever since this military grade technology first became available to the public late last year, but the Nighthawk T700 model in particular has been buzzing, and so we thought we would examine the underlying reasons. What makes this the top selling tactical flashlight? What are the uses for this trendy accessory? Is it worth the price? These are all great questions that we’ll seek to answer today with out T700 flashlight review.

For those who aren’t aware, the T700 Flashlight is the latest entry among the growing military tactical flashlight subsection. These tools are highly acclaimed by outdoors enthusiasts and survival experts because of their premium construction from almost indestructible components, their flexible zoom and lighting mode options, their compact and portable design, and especially their extremely high-powered LED bulbs, which produce an unparalleled level of brightness and illumination range. Of course, not every tactical flashlight is alike, and they’re certainly a bit more costly than the standard run of the mill handheld lighting accessory. So today we will take a closer look at the Nighthawk T700 Flashlight to judge its relative merits compared the industry alternatives.

T700 Flashlight User Reports

Based on available customer feedback, there appear to be a few strengths of the T700 Flashlight that really stand out. The first thing people tend to notice is the materials that the flashlight’s casing are composed from. The people at Nighthawk put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the aluminum that is used in construction of the T700 Tactical Flashlight, which is the same material that is used in building aircrafts and military vehicles. Because the T700 is so small in size and it tends to be used outdoors during activities and sometimes in severe weather conditions, it can get dropped. Users have expressed amazement with the Nighthawk T700 Flashlight’s ability to withstand some serious punishment. This level of durability is something that the avid outdoorsman craves.

Nighthawk Tactical T700 Flashlight

The other key feature of the T700 Flashlight is its ultra-bright Cree XM-L 6 LED bulb, which boasts an output of 800 to 1000 lumens and a lamp life of more than 10,000 hours. We’re quite familiar with this LED bulb model, as it is frequently used in high-grade lighting fixtures and has commonly been utilized by tactical flashlights for military personnel, police departments and firefighters. The T700 LED bulb is on par with the most powerful ones available, and if you’re looking for a tactical LED flashlight that is capable of turning darkness into a daylight over large expanses of space, or capable of temporarily blinding and disorienting an assailant during times of duress, the Nighthawk T700 Flashlight is going to rank up there with the very best.

T700 Flashlight Features

  • Built from premium aircraft aluminum
  • Extremely compact and portable design
  • Includes ultra-bright CREE XM-L 6 LED bulb
  • Incorporates previously confidential military technology
  • Indispensable safety and self defense accessory

Avoiding Nighthawk T700 Scams

The one unfortunate aspect of the explosion in popularity of tactical LED flashlights is that we have seen numerous impostors pop up to try and take advantage of the trend. There are a number of cheaply made knock-offs that include inferior bulbs and materials. If you’re looking for a true military grade flashlight, make sure you are buying a T700 Flashlight from a source with the official Nighthawk logo. The link below will take you directly to the Nighthawk T700 website so you can be sure you’re getting the real thing and not some chintzy wannabe.

T700 Flashlight Price

The Nighthawk T700 Flashlight suggests a 75 percent discount from the original price point, which would indicate that it’s sold in some places for more than $200. To be clear, we have never seen a tactical LED flashlight sold at such a high cost, so this seems like a marketing tactic designed to play up the value. With that said, the “sale” price of around $55 is about right for a high-grade tactical military flashlight built with these materials, and still on the lower end from most we’ve seen. It’s a very reasonable deal and it’s worth noting that if you buy more than one unit you can escalate your discounts. For more information on ordering T700 Flashlight, click below.

T700 Flashlight Discount

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