Stretch Out Strap Review

Get Your Stretch On!

For anyone who wants to exercise and improve strength, flexibility and muscular definition, the Stretch Out Strap is the perfect workout accessory. You’ve probably heard about this product from OPTP before, because it’s been gaining substantial buzz as an easy-to-use, low-impact tool for fitness and stretching. Durable, affordable and made in the United States, the OPTP Stretch Out Strap enables you to complete stretches and exercise motions that would typically be impossible without a partner. You can vastly improve your health, and mental wellness, by simply forming a routine that involves completing short fitness sessions with the Stretch Out Strap each day.

The Stretch Out Strap comes with an exercise booklet that includes a wealth of information on the best ways to utilize this amazing accessory. Within this resource, you will find more than 30 different stretches that target different muscle areas and incorporate new-age techniques designed to increase flexibility, decrease injury risk and strengthen various areas of your body. The booklet makes everything easy, presenting details instructions along with full-color photos and in-depth how-to illustrations. Pick the stretches and exercises that you find most effective and comfortable. The Stretch Out Strap is perfect for stretching prior to workout or sports, or for a yoga program.

How Does The Stretch Out Strap Work?

The Stretch Out Strap is a sturdy nylon woven strap that is about six feet and four inches in length. It contains multiple loops, enabling you to use it in different ways and target different specific muscle groups such as the core, back, leg, arm, shoulder, hamstring and more. The strap is not elastic, which helps you maintain full control over how much pressure and pull you apply during stretches. If you peruse instructional videos from physical therapists and fitness trainers on YouTube, you’ll notice that many of them recommend stretches and techniques built around a fitness strap. In that category, the Stretch Out Strap clobbers the competition. It has earned perfect five-star reviews from 83 percent of users.

Stretch Out Strap Won’t Stretch Your Budget

Finding a workout partner for stretching and cooperative exercises is hard. Paying for a gym membership is expensive, as are big and complicated home workout machines. The beauty of the Stretch Out Strap is in its simplicity. This single nylon strap is a tremendous value at less than $12, especially when you account for the inclusion of the comprehensive exercise booklet. It is made from extremely durable material and consumers have been amazed by how it keeps its shape and doesn’t fray or wear out even after years of regular use. You can machine-wash it and reliably use it each day for full range of motion stretches and various solo fitness routines. It’s no stretch to say that the Stretch Out Strap might be one of the best workout products around.

Stretch Out Strap Advantages

  • 6’4″-inch durable nylon strap with numerous loops
  • Complete a wide range of solo stretches and exercises
  • Comes with exercise booklet filled with stretchs and illustrations
  • Perfect for pre-workout, post-workout or yoga
  • Inexpensive and long-lasting. An incredible value!

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