Streamlight Tactical Flashlight

Let There Be Light!

If you’re looking for a high-performance flashlight that you can trust in any situation, the Streamlight Tactical Flashlight is the one you want. This is the light used by many law enforcement, security and emergency medical professionals because of its reliability and superior quality. When turned up to its highest intensity, the flashlight delivers incredible brightness that will illuminate large areas in the darkness, allowing you to see in astonishing clarity and detail. Built for maximum durability, the Streamlight Tactical Flashlight is a sturdy and water resistant product designed for rugged usage and long-lasting effectiveness.

At 3.35 inches in length and 2.0 ounces in weight (with batteries in), the Streamlight Tactical Flashlight is a highly compact and portable device, making its powerful lighting capabilities all the more impressive. With a multi-function push button, you can operate the flashlight with one hand, making it great as a complement for nighttime activities. It has an anti-roll facecap so that when you put it down you won’t need to worry about it sneaking away, and also features a removable pocket clip. Whether you want to slide it into your pocket, or a small bag, or simply attach it to your belt, the Streamlight Tactical Flashlight can come along anywhere you go and is an indispensable tool to have on hand.

Streamlight Tactical Flashlight Powered By C4 LED

The Streamlight Tactical Flashlight uses advanced C4 LED technology, which enables it to produce a shockingly bright beam despite its small size. At its highest intensity, the Streamlight 88030 Protac delivers 110-lumen output, which can make a pitch-black area look like it’s directly below the sun and can illuminate up to 95 meters. The C4 LED is a premium lighting component that is shock-proof and offers more than 50,000 hours of life, so you can take comfort in knowing that this flashlight will be ready when you need it and will last you a very long time. With LED Solid State Power Regulation, the Streamlight Tactical Flashlight continues to produce maximum lighting output throughout the battery life, even when the charge begins to wane. There’s no need to worry about dimming or flickering toward the end.

Long-Lasting Battery Life With Streamlight Tactical Flashlight

The aforementioned battery life is another impressive aspect of the Streamlight Tactical Flashlight, which includes a premium CR123A lithium battery. At its highest setting, the flashlight delivers almost two hours of continuous output; at the lower 12-lumen setting — which will suffice for many situations — the light lasts up to 14 hours. In addition to the adjustable lighting intensities, you can also set the Streamlight Tactical Flashlight on strobe mode, which can be a very useful option in particular situations. It isn’t hard to see why this product has received four or five star reviews from more than 90 percent of customers. It’s a highly portable flashlight that does everything you need and more.

Streamlight Tactical Flashlight Features

  • Powerful 110-lumen brightness thanks to C4 LED technology
  • Multi-function push-button tailswitch for one-hand operation
  • Variable intensities, plus strobe mode
  • Small, compact and easily portable, with detachable pocket clip included
  • Durable device is shock-proof and water-resistant

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