Spikeball Combo Set

A New Way To Play

Tired of the same old games and looking for something fresh? Spikeball could be just the answer you’re looking for. This awesome new four-player game is trending upward in a big way, and is a blast for individuals of all genders and ages. Easy to learn and ridiculously fun to play, Spikeball is perfect for summer days and can be played just about anywhere outdoors. It works especially well in a grassy yard or on a sandy beach. Enjoy competitive sports action while incorporating numerous players, and get a little bit of exercise in the process with this exciting and fast-paced game that is sweeping the country after being featured on a popular TV show for entrepreneurs.

This Spikeball Combo Set comes with everything you’ll need to get the game going. The package includes the Spikeball net, a backpack and three balls. The net is similar to a mini-trampoline, which stands at about ankle level and can be used effectively on almost any playing surface thanks to its four swinging legs that keep it level. The balls are small and lightweight — designed to bounce off the netting just right and float in the air, setting up acrobatic tosses and leaping one-handed plays. The backpack is a nice little addition in this combo set, offering simple portability while also including a pocket for your cell phone, wallet and keys. Packing up for a day at the beach has never been easier.

What Is Spikeball?

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of this new yet rapidly growing game known as Spikeball. How is it played? It is in fact pretty straight-forward. The game operates as essentially a hybrid of volleyball and four-square. Four players (two teams of two) set up around the Spikeball net, and one team serves the ball into the net. It bounces up, and then the opposing team has gets three volleys to try and bounce it back off the net to the other team. If the ball hits the ground, the team that failed to direct it back to the net wins. Games are made intense and exciting by lethal point-winning spikes into the net and strategic plays that set them up.

Get Fit With Spikeball

Many popular yard games these days involve standing stationary and (often) drinking a beer while you play. Activities such as cornhole (or bags), canjam and beersbee can certainly offer some fun times, but they’re not exactly the kind of games that get you moving and get your heart beating. Conversely, Spikeball games can support your fitness initiatives, with a playing style that serves as exercise but is so fun and engaging that you might not even notice. Spikeball is so quick and easy to set up and play that you can make a point of scheduling games regularly with friends, and working up a good sweat while you’re at it. Leave those lethargic lazy games behind and dig into some competitive action with Spikeball!

Unique Spikeball Perks

  • Exciting new four-player game that is blowing up across the country
  • Combo Set comes with everything you’ll need to get going
  • Great outdoor game to be played on grass or sand
  • Intense and competitive action for all ages and genders
  • Easy to learn but tough to master

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Spikeball Combo Set

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