ROK7 VRThe Ultimate 3D Virtual Reality Headset

We’ve been waiting for a quality VR box that is both affordable and worthwhile. Finally, we might have it. ROK7 VR is a new offering to this rapidly growing space, and is the first to combine premium tech with a reasonable price tag. It was only a matter of time, because truly the hardware for a smartphone VR system is not that expensive. However, when this innovation hit the market, sellers were eager to take advantage of the buzz and overcharge. That’s why we never recommended buying one of these things during the first several months of their popularity. The price will come down, we said. Now, with the ROK7 VR Box, we have a solid choice for cost-conscious buyers.

If you want to spend a huge chunk of money, you can buy a straight VR headset that comes with its own display and sound. But the components of these devices don’t really surpass today’s smartphones in terms of visuals and audio. So I believe that an accessory like ROK7 VR, which easily hooks up to your existing mobile device, is the way to go. This is particularly true for those who are casually interested in experiencing 3D virtual reality entertainment. The ROK7 VR Box is an excellent gift choice for anyone who digs fun new technology, or for yourself. And at its current price, there’s no better time than now to grab yours.

What Is ROK7 VR Box?

Despite its affordability, ROK7 VR delivers everything you are looking for in a virtual reality headset. It’s comfortable, durable, sturdy and easy to set up. To be sure, this is not a chintzy piece of equipment. The customizable straps make it a one-size-fits-all solution, so the ROK7 VR Box will work perfectly for people of all ages and head shapes. It offers exceptional versatility, so you can lock in virtually any model of phone. Whether you use a Samsung or an Apple, and whether you go with the big screen or the smaller display, you should have no trouble connecting your smartphone to ROK7 VR.

ROK7 VR Features

The device’s sensors are highly accurate. As you move your head, the visual orientation will respond in kind. This provides the most immersive and lifelike virtual experience possible. ROK7 VR uses high-end Bluetooth wireless technology and the set comes with a remote control gamepad. This enables you to take your gaming to the next level. There are so many different options available as far as entertainment and games that you’ll never run out of ways to use your ROK7 VR Box. The three-dimensional qualities are fantastic, and almost impossible to truly describe until you try it.

ROK7 VR Features

  • High quality VR headset at a low price
  • Works with almost any modern smartphone
  • 3D visuals put you right in the middle of the action
  • Access hundreds of games, movies, TV shows and events
  • Great gift for people of all ages and sizes

Virtual Movie Theater Experience

While the games are really cool, providing an entire new level of immersive interactivity, my favorite function of the 3D ROK7 VR glasses is the virtual movie theater. This allows you to watch movies in a completely different way. Basically, you will feel like you’re sitting in a theater watching on the big screen. The ROK7 VR Box simulates a 1000 inch display as if you were three meters away from it. The three dimensional functionality of the headset makes this feel very real and organic. You’ve got to try watching some of your favorite flicks through this device. It truly is an incredible experience.

How Much Does ROK7 VR Cost?

We often see similar virtual reality headsets selling for a few hundred dollars. This was also the original retail price for the ROK7 VR Box. However, recently they slashed the price and now you can get yours at an unbeatable discount. Click below to browse prices and find the best deals. I can’t say with certainty that this special VR headset sale is going to last, so make sure to grab yours while the getting is good!

Buy ROK7 VR Box

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