Resistance Band Set

A Full Workout At Home

Getting fit doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy a bunch of clunky, expensive exercise equipment or a pricey gym membership. With a full Resistance Band Set, you can complete an almost endless range of different workouts, targeting nearly every area of your body, within the comfort of your own home. Unlike heavy weight-lifting or hardcore cardio, exercises that you can do by utilizing a Resistance Band Set are lower intensity and easier on your body while still garnering productive results. Resistance bands have become a favorite for people who want to stay on top of their fitness by developing a consistent and manageable routine at home.

The Black Mountain Resistance Band Set includes everything you will need to do just that. These elastic bands enable you to achieve the effects of strength training without bulky dumb bells or machines. One of the most important aspects of an effective exercise regimen is constant variety and change, because if you’re doing the same thing over and over again, your body will adapt and your gains will be minimal. With a Resistance Band Set, you can work any muscle group from any angle, creating resistance that helps strengthen and tone any area of the body. Develop a routine that involves constantly switching your exercises and alternating your approaches for results that will have you looking and feeling great.

What’s In This Resistance Band Set?

This fully loaded Resistance Band Set from Black Mountain includes all of the components you’ll need for a comprehensive workout plan. The bands that come in this packet come on different colors that correspond to different weight resistance levels. These include yellow (2 to 4 lbs), blue (4 to 6 lbs), green (10 to 12 lbs), black (15 to 20 lbs) and red (25-30 lbs). Each band is 48 inches in length, so it will be a suitable size for individuals of most heights. The resistance bands are made from a durable, heavy-duty rubber engineered for long-lasting usage and long-term performance. In addition to the different bands with cushioned foam handles, this Resistance Band Set also includes a door anchor and ankle strap, making it easy to use these bands in conjunction with household objects and structures.

Stackable Resistance Band Set

Whereas many other Resistance Band Sets limit you to using a single band at a time, these ones are stackable, meaning you can use up to five at once to achieve multiplied resistance factors. This enables you to access a wider range of resistance than most traditional sets can offer, with anywhere from four pounds to 75 pounds. Using the metal clipping system on the ends of the bands, you can hook up the soft-grip handles and ankle strap with ease. This Resistance Band Set comes with a Starter Guide that will set you up with many different exercises to help you build a routine. A lifetime manufacturer’s warranty from Black Mountain ensures that this is a purchase you can feel good about.

Resistance Band Set Advantages

  • Five stackable resistance bands can produce up to 75 pounds of resistance
  • Easily attach soft hand grips or ankle straps to work arms and legs
  • Set comes with a door anchor, carrying bag, starter guide and more
  • Complete great strength training exercises at your own pace in your own home
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty

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