Razor Ripstik

The Evolution Of The Scooter

The Razor Ripstik scooter really illustrates how far along we have come from the days of a flimsy wooden board attached to four wheels, with a clunky handle sticking up from the front side. This revolutionary caster board functions as a hybrid of a skateboard and snowboard, giving the rider new levels of flexibility for pulling off sharp “carving” style turns and dazzling tricks. It’s a perfect way for snowboarders to stay sharp during the summer months while also exploring new methods and techniques. With a pivoting deck and 360-degree caster trucks, the Razor Ripstik enables full-range movements like no other scooter or skateboard out there. Take your street riding to the extreme with this popular product that requires no assembly.

Razor has been a pioneer in this particular field ever since releasing its original compact folding kick scooter back in 1999. Seventeen years later, the new Razor Ripstik incorporates many of the same base concepts that drove that product, but also integrates a variety of innovations and refinements that have been developed over the years. What you end up with is a incredible scooter that allows you to maneuver on dry land and pavement in the same manner that you would through powdery snow or colossal waves. This is a dynamic that no other scooter can capture, making the Razor Ripstik one of the best selling and most highly rated options in the category.

The Quality Of The Razor Ripstik

Carefully engineered with high-caliber components, the Razor Ripstik is a durable and well built piece of equipment. The wheels consist of high-grade 76mm polyurethane, with precision ABEC-5 bearing casters that can handle even the most intense and extreme usage. The board itself is built strong with sophisticated polymer, featuring slip-resistant concave decks and a steel torsion bar padded with rubber. This combination enables the rider to use a twisting motion to propel forward without needing to push-off, mirroring the slalom technique on the slopes. There’s a reason that sports enthusiasts and casual riders alike have raved about the Razor Ripstik.

Pull Off Amazing Tricks With Razor Ripstik

With its unique design, including a kick nose and tail, riders can execute awesome jumps and tricks and full 360-degree turns using the Razor Ripstik. From the inside out, this caster board is constructed for maximum performance and long-lasting durability. Weighing in at eight pounds and measuring 34″ x 9″ x 4.5″, it’s just the right size for most kids (eight and up) and adults, supporting up to 220 pounds of weight. The combination of a concave design and spiked traction pads on the surface make it shockingly simple to keep your feet on the board when you want them there, even without the need for a handle or stabilizing support.

The Razor Ripstik Edge

  • Revolutionary caster board functions as a snowboard on land
  • Accelerating without pushing off through carving techniques
  • Pull off sick jumps and tricks with surprising ease
  • Traction pads and concave deck design keep you stable on the board
  • Built strong from high tech polymer with rubber padding

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