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Prime Day Outdoor Gear Sale GuidePrime Day Outdoor Equipment Sale Guide!

It’s all everyone is talking about.  Prime Day.  10,000 deals, 1 day. Well, technically 8.  We’ve recently found out that this years Prime Day Festivities will kick off on the 5th, with a big selection of Summer Entertainment products on sale.  But we’re way more interested in the 9th, when Outdoor Living and Summer Parties sales start.  But our advice, keep your eyes peeled for deals all week, starting Tuesday.  We’re sure you’ll see some equipment deals during the Gadgets on the Go sale on the 8th, as well as outdoor living sale on the 8th.  Basically, the sale categories are so broad, you should expect anything.  But if you’re looking for the best price for gear, absolutely check out the Prime Day Outdoor Gear category.

We’ll link to the category when the sale drops so make sure to give it a look.  Be warned though, you’ll need to have amazon prime to get access to these exclusive deals.  Luckily, Amazon is running a HOT free preview offer on Amazon Prime that can get you access to Prime FOR FREE!  You can click the link below to get access, or you can click the image above to start shopping Prime Day Outdoor Gear Deals!

What’s On Sale For Prime Day Outdoor Gear?

We’re writing our Prime Day Outdoor Gear Guide ahead of time, because, well it’s less stressful to do that, then edit the page as updates come in.  So what we’ll do for now is talk about areas to keep eyes on for the biggest savings.  The niche we have our eye on is bikes.  While you probably don’t shop amazon for bikes, you definitely should.  They have bikes ranging from bargain basement to top-tier racing bicycles and they’re often cheaper than through brick and mortar stores.  And that’s without the sales!  With the sales we’re expecting, we think you can save upwards of 50% on some bikes.  Another area we’re paying close attention to is the sportswear.  If you’ve been putting off buying sportswear for the summer, these are the cheapest prices you’ll get until the clearance sale at the end of the summer.

Prime Day Outdoor Gear Sales

As we mentioned above, the best sales for outdoor gear before the end of summer will be during this sale.  With our inside access, we’ve found out that there will be sales on Outdoor Living and Summer Parties, Wardrobe Essentials, and Summer Basics on the 9th, 10th,and 11th, respectively.  Pay attention to the outdoor living sale for all sorts of gear. We’re projecting that they’ll have all kinds of gear ranging from sports equipment, to accessories, to sportswear.  But we’d also keep an eye on the 10th and 11th for sportswear, where we think you’ll be able to nab some hefty savings.

Prime Day Outdoor Gear Tips:

  • Pay Attention To Flash Sales!
  • Look For Deals July 9th-12th
  • Don’t Wait For A Better Price!
  • Last Big Summer Sale Until Clearance
  • Great Time To Pick Up Sportswear!

Prime Day Outdoor Gear Guide: Final Thoughts

We’ll stress this point one more time, the Prime Day Outdoor Gear Sale is the best sale before summer is over and it rivals even cyber Monday for online shopping prices.  It’s really a can’t miss sale, and one you should definitely check out if you’re planning on making any gear purchases this summer.  Pay special attention to bike sales, as well as athletic gear, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a TON of deals throughout the week.  Thanks for reading our first Prime Day Outdoor Gear Guide, hope you found it at least somewhat helpful, if so, give us a like, share or favorite, and make sure to pick up some free prime up above!

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