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NRG LighterThe World’s Best Electric Lighter

A flameless flame? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? With the new technology behind the NRG Lighter, it’s a reality. This new-age device uses electricity, rather than butane fuel, to produce the most effective and reliable sparking method ever. As scientists come to further understand the dangers and potential harms of butanes and traditional flame-producing lighters, the electric lighter is going to emerge as the norm moving forward. And, while the cost is a bit higher than those old plastic lighters we typically pick up at the gas station, the long-term value is undeniable. The NRG Lighter may very well be the last one you ever need to buy.

We all know what it’s like to use a plastic cigarette lighter. They are chintzy, difficult to operate and easily breakable. It’s not uncommon for the butane fuel to leak out on your hand, or into your purse or pocket. Trying to spark a light when it’s windy out, or drizzling? Forget about it. Additionally, the butane fuel itself is gaining cautionary warnings as we become more aware of its harmful effects. You don’t want to breath this stuff in, and you don’t want your kids or pets to, either. The NRG Lighter is the ideal solution because it uses no fuel and carries no risk of spilling or exploding in your hand. Plus, it’s beyond durable and will stand the test of time.

How Does NRG Lighter Work?

The NRG Lighter can light just about anything, but does so without requiring an actual flame. Instead, the device produces an electrical cross-current. Place anything in the path of this current and watch it light up. The NRG Lighter is a great choice for cigarettes, cigars, twigs, kindling, and anything else requiring a spark. Plus, unlike that obnoxious flint-flicking method for sparking a classic lighter, NRG uses an easy one-touch lighting system. There’s no need to form calluses on your thumbs by constantly flicking at a metal mechanism. With NRG Lighter, simply press a button and you’re ready to rock.

What is NRG Lighter

This product is built to last. Constructed with aircraft grade aluminum on the outer shell, NRG Lighter is virtually indestructible. It will hold through tough drops and scratches. Whereas a flame based lighter is at the mercy of the elements, this electric lighter will operate under any conditions. Because it lacks the needs of fire to produce a spark, it will function through high winds and falling rain. There has never been a lighting device with as long of a life as the NRG Lighter. Not only does this provide convenience but because it prevents you from needing to constantly dispose of and replace your lighter, NRG is also extremely eco-friendly.

Why Buy an NRG Lighter?

  • Electric lighting device is windproof and waterproof
  • Durable construction will outlast all other lighters
  • Flame-free approach eliminates the need for harmful butane
  • One simple button press achieves a spark, no flicking required
  • Developed by the groundbreaking innovative team at NRG

The No-Refill Solution

Not only is butane a potentially harmful substance for humans, it’s also an inconvenient fuel source. People who use their lighters frequently tend to run through the butane quite quickly, requiring annoying and messy refills. However, the NRG Lighter doesn’t use any type of depletable fuel. Instead, it runs on an electric charge, which can easily be juiced up at any time with the USB charger. This accessory comes included and will restore full power to your lighter in rapid fashion. The charge lasts immensely long because the lighter uses minimal electricity to operate. Therefore, you won’t find yourself needing to plug it in very often.

Where Can I Find Best NRG Lighter Price?

The NRG Lighter is available through a number of third-party retail outfits. But we must recommend that you BEWARE overpriced mark-ups. We see this model (and other electric lighters) on sale for exorbitant prices at certain destinations. Only by buying directly through NRG will you be able to get the best price. By accessing the company’s website below, you can get yours at the lowest cost possible. If you buy multiple units at once, then you can receive discounts of up to 75 percent off. Click now to view pricing and packages:

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