Nike Plus Watch

Runner’s Delight

Incorporating the best features and innovations from Nike’s heralded running software and combining it with powerful TomTom GPS technology, the Nike Plus Watch is among the best running accessories you can find. Attach this handy device around your wrist and enjoy accurate and actionable insights on your runs such as time, distance, pace and calories. With extensive GPS integration, you’ll be able to get detailed looks at your running routes, with information such as varying pace data and changes in elevation. Whether you prefer to run indoors or outdoors, the Nike Plus Watch delivers accurate information that you can use to gain insight on your runs and improve your results.

Over its many years as a leading sports apparel and accessories brand, Nike has developed an acute awareness and understanding of how athletes’ bodies work and what they need. The Nike Plus Watch takes full advantage of this expansive knowledge base and offers everything a runner could desire from both a hardware and software perspective. The watch wraps around your wrist comfortably and provides an array of abilities, functioning as a stopwatch, alarm, clock and of course time and distance tracker. The Nike+ shoe sensor that comes included in the package works in combination with the Nike Plus Watch to capture detailed data on every step you take on your runs, even in areas where the GPS signal fades.

Motivation With The Nike Plus Watch

The Nike Plus Watch also acts as your personal coach, with a variety of features designed to help motivate you and push you to the next level. Perks include goal-setting, run reminders, personal records, and comparative graphs that give you a visual understanding of where you’re at and where you can improve. Nike Plus tracks your run history so you can get a detailed look at all of your previous runs and to get an idea of weekly and monthly distance totals. As you receive virtual trophies and medals for your accomplishments, you’ll find yourself feeling even better about reaching new plateaus and turning new corners. The Nike Plus Watch is an indispensable companion as you seek to better yourself.

Nike Plus Watch Lets You Connect

With the Nike Plus Watch, you can choose to add a social element to your workouts. The Nike+ app is used by thousands of runners around the world, and you can use it to stay connected, sharing your distances and times or challenging friends. Integration with Facebook makes it easy to use the watch’s features in conjunction with the planet’s largest social network. You can also use the community aspects of Nike+ to identify the most popular areas and routes for running in your vicinity. Discover new paths and challenging tracks. The Nike Plus Watch is great for running outdoors or inside on a treadmill, capturing the insights you need and presenting them in a sleek, digestible format that you can use.

Nike Plus Watch Perks

  • Extremely accurate data on your runs with all the info you want
  • Tracks distance, pace, time, elevation, calories and more
  • Motivational features turn the Nike Plus Watch into your personal coach
  • Sleek design and comfortable fit on the wrist
  • Eight hours of active run time and up to 50 days of standby power

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