NBA Street Basketball

Play Like A Pro!

It’s time to step your game up. With an official NBA Street Basketball from Spalding, you can do just that. Now you can truly follow in the (considerably big) footsteps of superstars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, with a basketball that looks and feels just like the ones used by professional hoops players in NBA arenas. Spalding’s NBA Street Basketball is the most popular choice for players of all ages and is a staple in pickup games in gyms and parks across the country. Whether indoors or outdoors, this ball is the perfect choice for intense action on the hard court. With this ball from the sport’s leading brand, you can shoot threes and throw down slam dunks just like the pros.

This top-selling NBA Street Basketball is designed and produced by Spalding, a brand that is essentially synonymous with the game of basketball. Founded by Albert Spalding in 1876, the company has been responsible for many advancements in sports equipment technology, including standardizing baseballs and baseball bats as we know them today. But Spalding’s reputation will always be tied to the game of basketball and specifically the NBA. Since 1983, Spalding has been the official ball supplier for the league. Flip on a game between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and you’ll see that familiar logo emblazoned on the ball being chucked up by Curry and slammed down by LeBron. That’s why when you pick up an NBA Street Basketball from Spalding, you know you’re getting the real deal.

Use Your NBA Street Basketball Indoors Or Outdoors

The durable and dependable NBA Street Basketball works great for an indoor game on the glossy and smooth hardwood, but is rated for outdoor use and will hold up to the rigors of an intense showdown on concrete, blacktop, or any surface. Like any sports gear product manufactured by Spalding, this NBA Street Basketball is of the highest quality, with its Performance Outdoor cover ensuring that it will withstand many intense street games. Unlike inferior basketballs from brands that lack the same commitment as Spalding, this street ball will maintain is texture and grip even after repeated use, setting it apart from the competition.

NBA Street Basketball: The Real Deal

The Spalding street ball bears the NBA logo precisely because it is up to the standards of the game’s highest level. With a wide-channel design, you’ll get an outstanding grip on this ball, enabling excellent ball-handling and shot accuracy. Easy to control and dribble, you’ll be driving the lane and finishing plays like never before. The pebbled surface of the ball gives it that natural and comfortable feel. What really stands out about the NBA Street Basketball is its durability. Consumers have raved about how well it holds up over the long haul even through extensive outdoor use. There simply aren’t a lot of other basketballs out there that can match this product’s quality and persistence.

NBA Street Basketball Features

  • Play like a pro with this offering from NBA’s official brand
  • Perfect for pickup games either indoors at the gym or outside on the concrete
  • Holds up and maintains surface texture through prolonged use
  • Wide channel design ensures outstanding grip
  • One of the cheapest officially branded street basketballs around

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