Mongoose Ledge

Mongoose LedgeNEW: Mongoose 3.1 Ledge Review!

The new Mongoose 3.1 29er is out, and it’s generating some great reviews.  We typically don’t cover bikes this far in the bargain basement, because, well, they’re typically junk.  No offense.  But they often come with components that wear out quickly, they’re heavy, often poorly made, and even dangerous.  But the Mongoose Ledge is an obvious exception to that rule.  It offers good performance, great durability and comfort, all on a sporty 29 inch wheel set.   If you’re looking for a great ride, at a great price, then this one is a must see.  Click the image above to learn more!

The Mongoose Ledge gives budget performance a whole new meaning, with a sturdy frame, reliable components, and performance that can take you from path to trail and back again. It’s full-suspension design gives a great, cushioned ride for absorbing the biggest bumps and drops, with a reliable butted frame that gives great resilience and durability.  It uses asram twist shifters, which make it easy to shift on the go, and makes it impossible for passing branches to shift you out of gear.  The alloy rims are responsive, and durable.  The only thing that’s really missing from this bike is a capable rider, so where you at?  Click the link below to get details on the Mongoose Ledge 3.1 today!  


Mongoose Ledge Specs

If you’re looking for a budget, full suspension 29er, then look no further.  The Mongoose Ledge offers solid performance, and it all starts with the dependable aluminum frame.  They’ve went ahead and butted the top tube to the seat tube for a bit of extra stability and strength, and the down tube is curved, giving a bit more clearance for the rear suspension.  The front fork is built specifically for the 29″ wheels, and gives solid travel (shock absorption) on rough rides.  The handles sit a bit higher than we typically like, but at the entry level mark, it’s a bit more familiar to riders that haven’t ridden anything above the entry level.  The tires and rims offer solid performance as well, with offroad/onroad tires that give great performance in both areas.

Mongoose Ledge Reviews

Mongoose Ledge Reviews

It’s been hard finding a dedicated review for the Mongoose Ledge 3.1 online, but we’ve been able to track down a handful.  Pretty much everybody is in agreement, if this is the top end of your budget, then it’s a good pick.  If you want to spend a bit more money, their are better bikes to be had for $170 more.  But that stretch in budget can be pretty problematic for a lot of people, so if you’re on a tight budget, this bike is a solid choice.  A few things you can do to give yourself an instant improvement would be a pedal upgrade, as the ones that come stock are a bit underwhelming and fragile.

Mongoose Ledge Benefits:

  • Great For Trail Riding
  • Solid, Entry Level MTB
  • Cheap, Durable, Adaptable
  • Great Frame Design
  • Good Fork For Price

Shop The Mongoose Ledge Amazon Page! 

Looking to save some money, and get a great bike in the process?  We’ve found the best price for the Mongoose Ledge, and linked it below.  Don’t expect to see much more information on this bike anywhere, though, we had a ton of trouble finding the info we’ve covered here.  Remember, this bike is an entry-level bike, and designed to get people a feel for downhill/trail riding, but not to last for a decade.  If you’re looking to spend a bit more money, you can get a quality mid-tier bike from Mongoose for a couple hundred more dollars!  Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to pack a spare!

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