Mini Hockey Nets

Shoot And Score!

With a set of Mini Hockey Nets from Franklin Sports, you can bring the exciting and fast-paced action of one of the world’s most popular sports into your living room! The 28 inch by 20 inch goal comes with a pair of stick and a foam ball so you’ll have all the equipment you need for an exciting an competitive match-up. The small, soft components are safe and fun for indoor games that will keep the kids busy and active for hours. With the holiday season approaching, the Mini Hockey Nets and Sticks are among the most popular choices for younger gift recepients, and with a price point below $30 for a limited time, there’s no better time to get yours.

Knee Hockey is a big hit among the younger crowds, and the Mini Hockey Nets are the perfect accessory for this perfect wintertime activity. As the name suggests, Knee Hockey involves players getting down on their knees, usually on a soft carpeted surface, and playing a trimmed down version of the real sport that incorporates many of the same concepts. You’ll still be able to exhibit fancy stickwork while handling the foam ball with the miniature sticks, with an objective of opening and executing clear shots at the net. Because all of the materials are designed specifically for safe indoor children’s play and the ball is made of foam, you minimize risk of injury or damage, especially compared to the sometimes brutal sport of ice hockey.

Play Knee Hockey Right With Mini Hockey Nets

In order to play the game right, you need the proper equipment, and only this Mini Hockey Nets set from Franklin Sports, complete with authentic NHL team logos, fits that bill. The nets are built from durable high-impact tubing and all-weather polyester netting. The sturdy and superior construction helps ensure that the nets will withstand the test of many intense matches. The Mini Hockey Nets and Sticks are surprisingly fun for people of all ages, providing an early introduction the the sport for very young children and a simple yet enjoyable activity for teenagers and even adults. Try one-on-one matches or take turns pulling off wild trick shots. There’s really no limit to the different entertaining ways you can use this great sports accessory.

Mini Hockey Nets And Sticks Are Easy To Set Up

Mini Hockey Nets are an awesome addition to your home, and they’re extremely easy to put together so you’ll be playing in no time. The set includes one NHL Team Mini Hockey Net, two sticks (one right, one left) made from high-quality ABS plastic and adorned with real team logos and imagery, and an foam ball that is soft enough that it won’t become dangerous even when players are unleashing rocket slapshots. Coming from one of the top brands for licensed sports gear and accessories, these Mini Hockey Nets are an excellent choice for any young kids that are interested in the sport and it can be enjoyed by older individuals who like to engage in a simple and fun indoor activity as well.

Best Mini Hockey Nets

  • Sturdy mini net with all-weather polyester netting
  • Two mini hockey sticks with NHL team logos plus a foam ball
  • Great for knee hockey or any indoor fun
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Officially licensed product of the NHL

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