Military Tactical Laser

Military Tactical LaserThis Laser Saber is Not For Kids

Although it draws comparisons to light sabers from popular scifi films, and very much looks like one in fact, the Tactical Military Laser is no toy. It is a high-powered, military grade handheld device with premium construction and a range of utilities. The Shadowhawk Tactical Laser produces a concentrated beam of light that is so bright the company states that you can see it from space. Is that true? Well, no. That is almost certainly an exaggeration, but this Military Tactical Laser does create a laser beam with blinding brightness and enough strength to light a match or torch a piece of string. Because it utilizes formerly patented technology, you won’t find another product with these kinds of capabilities.

Built from aircraft aluminum, the Shadowhawk Military Tactical Laser is certainly one of the most premium and durable handheld accessories around. This is the same casing material used for the heralded Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlight, which is nearly indestructible. Because of its extremely small and compact design, the Military Tactical Laser looks like something that might break into pieces when dropped, but that is not the case. This is a high quality handheld laser saber that is built to last. To view purchase options, click on the link below. If you wish to read more about the Shadowhawk Laser capabilities and features, then read on and we will touch on some specifics.

Military Tactical Laser Specs

At the core of this Military Tactical Laser is an LED laser bulb with the maximum legal wattage. The laser offers three different power level selections, ranging from 700mW to 1,400 mW and the highest level of 2,000 mW. You can adjust the range of the beam, with a small diameter leading to a greater distance. At its most concentrated setting, the Shadowhawk Military Tactical Laser Saber is visible from miles away, even though the claims about being seen from space may be dubious (we’ll ask Neil Armstrong next time we see him). The tactical laser saber runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery that boasts more than 5,000 hours of lifetime output.

What is Military Tactical Laser

As mentioned above, the Military Tactical Laser in its concentrated form is powerful enough to ignite a match or cut a thin rope, making it an excellent survival tool. With its small and portable design, it’s easy to keep on hand no matter where you are traveling. The blinding brightness of the beam makes it a valuable self defense tool, should the need arise. With its expandable focus, the Shadowhawk Laser Saber also can operate in more of a standard lighting capacity for dark areas, much like the tactical flashlight. This device has been used in military operations, by Navy Seals and the Coast Guard among others, for years. It is only now becoming available to the public at large.

Military Tactical Flashlight Features

  • Most powerful concentrated beam available to public
  • Creates a blinding light that is vital for self defense
  • Beam is strong enough to light a match or pop a balloon
  • Currently legal in all 50 states
  • Available at a 75 percent discount for a limited time

Why Choose Shadowhawk?

Since this technology became publicly available, many brands are trying to ride the wave with cheap knock-offs. Accept no imitations. Shadowhawk is the most trusted name military style personal accessories. They are at the leading edge of survival tools and high-end LED lighting equipment. If you are looking for a Military Tactical Laser Beam, Shadowhawk is the only choice. Although it may be slightly more expensive than some others, once you experience the power and durability you will quickly understand why.

Finding Shadowhawk Military Tactical Laser Discount

Although we like the premium construction and specifications of the Shadowhawk Military Tactical Laser, we aren’t going to recommend buying one at list price. It’s difficult to justify spending $200 on such a device. In fact, it would be tough to spend $100 on one. Luckily, for a limited time you can order this tactical laser saber at a massive 75 percent discount. The savings grow even faster if you buy in bulk. So, if you have friends who are into survival gear, or you have a dad or brother with a birthday coming up, this is a great opportunity. Click the link below for more details.

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