Magneto X

Magneto XA Smoker’s Best Friend

We’ve all been there. You step outside to spark up a light and take a drag, but it’s too windy to get your lighter going. You try everything, from huddling in a corner to cupping your hands around the mechanism, but it just isn’t working. With Magneto X, you’ll never have that problem again. This futuristic lighter uses advanced technology to produce a flame without requiring fuel. Instead, it relies upon electricity, allowing you to accomplish anything you would with one of those old plastic lighters. However, the Magneto X does it with more convenient, more efficiency and less risk.

Now, you may not associate a lighter with a high risk level. After all, we use them all the time, and probably don’t have many issues. They’re just little plastic lighting devices. But the truth is that butane, the fuel these cheap lighters use to produce flame, is bad stuff. It can be harmful to breath, and also dangerous to have around kids. If you ever have one of these chintzy lighters break in your hand, the fluid can get everywhere and cause nightmares. With Magneto X, there are no such concerns. That’s because it uses no fuel, and is also among the most durable and sturdy devices on the market. The Magneto X lighter is practically indestructible.

How Does Magneto X Lighter Work?

There’s no pesky dial to flick or mechanism to strike in order to achieve a flame. Instead, all it takes with this innovative lighter is one button press. With that, the Magneto X will enact its crossing electric beams. This current is windproof and basically impervious to any weather conditions and elements. The eletric beams will light anything they come into contact with. It’s ideal for cigarettes, but also excellent for a wide variety of other purposes. Need to singe a thread? No problem. Want to light up a piece of kindling in order to start a fire? The Magneto X Lighter will get the job done every time. It’s quickly becoming the most popular outdoorsman accessory on the market.


Magneto X is the last lighter you will ever need to own. The price point may seem a bit daunting at first, especially in comparison to those cheap lighters you pick up at the gas station. However, when you consider the quality and durability, it is a great value. As mentioned above, Magneto X has metal alloy encasing that can withstand any level of punishment. It doesn’t use fuel or gas, so there is no there is nothing to refill. Instead, you need only recharge the Magneto X Lighter. You can accomplish this easily using a simple USB charger cord. The battery juices up fast and lasts for an extremely long time. Finally, a lighter that you don’t need to worry about.

Why Choose Magneto X?

  • Electric lighter with no harmful butane fumes
  • No need to refill or replace it, simply recharge!
  • Reliably get your light even in windy and rainy conditions
  • Perfect for cigarette smokers frustrated with crappy cheap lighters
  • Extremely durable frame will last forever

Take Magneto Lighter With You Everywhere

This is a device you will want to have on your person at all times. It’s extremely handy for any outdoor adventure. If you’re going camping or exploring in the wilderness, the Magneto X accessory is invaluable. Its ability to light almost anything regardless of weather conditions is tremendously helpful. So too is it extreme durability. You won’t need to worry about this butane free lighter being ruined by a drop onto the ground or into a puddle. It is highly portable, with a sleek and compact design that fits easily into your pocket or traveling bag.

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