Magnetic Dart Board


Nothing beats the fun you’ll have with a Magnetic Dart Board! This is a safe and entertaining way to spend time with family or friends while honing your dart-tossing skills. Don’t be suckered into sub part alternatives where the darts don’t actually stick or the board lacks durability. The Magnetic Dart Board from Doinkit is a highly rated option that works like a charm and can provide many hours of great competitive darts action. This set comes with a colorful 16-inch board as well as six magnetic darts (two sets of three in different colors). Set up is as easy as hanging it on a wall and letting the fun commence.

Why buy a Magnetic Dart Board? That isn’t exactly a difficult question. Darts is an extremely enjoyable and accessible game that can be played by individuals of all ages and skill levels, but of course playing on a real dart board carries a lot of potential risk and danger. Those sharp, pointed-edge darts can not only injure somebody, but can also put holes in your walls or your floors. Plastic soft tip darts are a more reasonable option in this regard, but they still tend to be on the expensive side, and they bend and break very easily. Conversely, the Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board is cheap and the high-quality darts are almost indestructible. With its low price point and long-lasting playability, this is one of the best values among party games for the home.

Play Like A Pro With Magnetic Dart Board

In order to play an optimal game, it’s important that the darts of themselves have a natural and official feel. The darts that accompany this Magnetic Dart Board have been carefully engineered for the ideal balance and weight, so they’ll feel right when you hold them and when you release them toward the dart board. The darts use a material called Neodymium to achieve a strong and reliable magnetic hold against the board. If you’ve used magnetic darts in the past that were flimsy and failed to consistently stick, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how effectively these ones mirror the real deal. It’s a great way to practice and improve your skills so that you can dominate the competition on your next trip to a bar or game center.

Magnetic Dart Board Is Safe For Kids

Rated for children age six and up, this Magnetic Dart Board is the perfect family game. There’s no need to worry about kids hurting themselves or dinging your walls with these safe magnetic darts. Since the board’s makeup reflects a regulation dart board, you can play all of your favorite games like 301 and Cricket, instilling the rules and scoring systems for these varieties at a young age. If you’re looking for a gift idea you can’t go wrong with this Magnetic Dart Board, and it’s also an excellent addition to any basement or game room. You’ll have a hard time finding a magnetic set with darts that stick this effectively, especially one with such a reasonable price tag.

Magnetic Dart Board Advantages

  • Enjoy darts with no worries about injuries or damage
  • Premium magnetic darts with good heft that stick to board properly
  • Regulation style board is lightweight and easy to hang anywhere
  • Play your favorite darts games in the comfort of your home
  • Fun for the whole family, especially kids!

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Magnet Dart Board


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