Lock Laces

Tie Fighters!

Lock Laces are the innovative elastic no-tie shoelaces that have made life easier for athletes and other individuals everywhere. Tying your shoe laces might not be an overwhelming task, exactly, but doing it every time you put your shoes on or take them off it takes time and effort can add up, and can really be a hindrance when you’re in the middle of something. The patented Lock Laces formula turns any pair of shoes into slip-ons, eliminating the hassle of constantly tying and untying while also eliminating the issues that arise when laces come loose while you’re in the middle of something important. One size of lock laces fits all shoes, whether for kids or adults, men or women. With such a low price, they’re certainly worth trying.

The easy to use Lock Laces are handy for people with many different needs. Some parents buy them for their kids, helping to ensure that their laces won’t come undone and they won’t trip on them while they play. Many adults buy a pair for themselves. They’re perfect for runners who need to get their shoes on and off quick and don’t want to risk having them come untied while out on the track or running path. Anyone with any kind of disability, temporary or permanent, that makes it difficult or impossible to bend over will absolutely love the Lock Laces and how much easier they make life. And hey, some of us that are perfectly capable of reaching down and tying our shoes simply don’t want to deal with it constantly.

Lock Laces Are Easy To Install

Lock Laces are 48 inches in length and are elastic, capable of stretching out to 72 inches. They will fit essentially any pair of shoes and they’re very easy to put in place. Each Lock Laces package comes with the laces themselves as well as two cord clips and two lock pieces. Just lace them up in your favorite pair of shoes once, clasp in the lock, cut off the extra length, and you’re good to go within five minutes. Because the Lock Laces give you a nice, tight and secure feel, you’ll be able to perform at a higher level during activities while also reducing bad form and risk of injury. You would be surprised by the negative side effects of loosely laced or untied shoes, many of which you might not even notice at the time.

Guaranteed Quality And Comfort With Lock Laces

When dealing with an accessory like Lock Laces, you might worry about the rigidity of the laces or extra pieces causing discomfort, but these have been engineered with a stretch fit that hugs your feet and fits perfectly. Compared to standard flat nylon laces, you actually might find the Lock Laces to be a preferable option based on the contoured fit. This added comfort pays off in a big way, especially in the long haul, given how much time we spend on our feet with our shoes on. The team at Lock Laces strongly believes in their product and backs it up with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Why Try Lock Laces?

  • Elastic no-tie laces add major convenience to your life
  • Perfect for kids, athletes and more
  • One size fits all design compatible with any pair of shoes
  • Stretch fit comfort means you’ll be feeling better on your feet
  • Backed by a full satisfaction guarantee

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