Large Heating Pad

Relaxation, Relief And Recovery

Staying on top of your fitness and exercising are key components of wellness, but so are recovery and addressing your pains and soreness. With a Large Heating Pad, you can get the comfort and relief you need to muscle aches, post-workout soreness, arthritic effects, menstrual cramps and more. When searching for a heating pad, it is critical to find one that is big enough to provide ample coverage for areas in need, as well as one that is functionally effective enough to provide meaningful support when you need it. For this important purpose, ensure that you’re relying on a large heating pad with advanced heat settings to target and relieve your most problematic pains and stiffness.

The Sunbeam 732-500 Large Heating Pad is a king-size model that utilized sophisticated UltraHeat Technology for maximized performance. This model finds the perfect balance of deep heat that powerfully addresses your pain without being so hot as to hurt your skin or soak up too much power consumption. This user-friendly pad features three different heat settings, allowing you to find the level that is perfect for you, and you can select between these different options with a slide controller that is optimal for those with limited dexterity due to conditions such as arthritis. The Sunbeam Large Heating Pad is designed for simple, fast access and reinvigorating results that you can really feel.

Why Use A Large Heating Pad?

The use of heat for muscle pain and other similar issues has been proven time and time again to pay dividends. Not only does a Large Heating Pad help relieve the feeling of soreness, but it also can have key physiological effects that help you recover and get your body back to tip-top condition. The application of heat enables tightened muscles to relax, while reducing inflammation and promoting improved blood circulation, eliminating lactic acid build-up. For chronic muscle pain and arthritis, as well as short-term aches from exercising or menstrual cramps, a large heating pad is viewed as more effective treatment than icing, which is most often the preferred solution for acute injuries but not recurring or chronic pains.

Sunbeam’s Extra Large Heating Pad

The downfall of many heating pads is that they just aren’t big enough to fully cover and relieve the full extent of sore areas, especially in the back where muscle pains and spread over considerable regions. This is a large heating pad that checks in with measurements of 12 inches by 24 inches, assuring that you’ll receive even and comprehensive warmth everywhere you need it. This large heating pad has a soft, machine washable cover so taking care of it is as trouble-free as using it. If you notice that you’re frequently in pain after working out, or you deal with routine soreness from chronic conditions or other sources, this large heating pad is an invaluable tool for relief and recovery.

Benefits Of A Large Heating Pad

  • Increased surface area for maximum coverage and comfort
  • Three heat settings to help you find the perfect level of warmth
  • Helps relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and promote blood circulation
  • Soft cover is comfortable and machine washable
  • Absorbent sponge included for moist heat therapy

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