Knee Support Strap

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Running is an excellent form of exercise, but without a Knee Support Strap, you could be doing more harm than is necessary while trying to help boost your health and fitness. The repetitive wear from running — or any kind of lengthy workout that involves stress on the lower body — can cause a lot of problems for the knees, including cartilage damage, inflammation and potentially even major injury. Wearing a knee support strap that you can trust helps alleviate these issues while allowing you to get the most out of your workouts without the knee pains that can be so common afterwards. This kind of support is recommended by doctors and orthopedists everywhere.

The Gabor Fitness Knee Support Strap is an excellent option, not only because of its effectiveness but also because of its minimal design, easy attachment and low price tag. Unlike bulky knee braces that wrap around the entire middle part of your league and can cause a lot of chafing and overheating, this small strap goes right underneath your knee and secures into place with two Velcro tabs. It’s customizable so that you’ll be able to achieve a comfortable fit for any size and shape of leg. And because it is so compact and light, it doesn’t inhibit your workouts in any way. Once you attach the knee support strap and get going, you likely won’t notice it’s there after shortly after you’ve engaged your workout.

Knee Support Strap For Runners

Why is a Knee Support Strap so important for running? It’s simple. Runner’s Knee is a very common ailment that strikes people who frequently run, and that’s not limited to the hardcore sprinters or marathon trainers. Heck, it’s not even really limited to runners, despite the name. Any kind of activity that involves repetitive bending of the knee can result in the subsequent pains, so if you run, bike, jump or play sports, a knee support strap is a smart investment. Runner’s Knee tends to result in pain and inflammation following a workout, and over time it can lead to larger problems for your lower body, such as diminished muscle and joint function, chronic pain, and more. By giving yourself the support you need, all of these concerns are lessened.

The Best Knee Support Strap

Gabor Fitness is a trusted name in the exercise accessories category, and their knee support strap has drawn wildly positive reviews, with every consumer scoring it a four or five out of five stars. It’s not hard to see why. This is a quality product, with a soft tube-like insert that applies pressure to the patellar tendon to help keep the kneecap steady and improve patella tracking. With fewer loose pieces moving around, your knee and all of the surrounding parts will handle runs and workouts much better, leading to far less pain and less risk of long-term problems. This durable knee support strap holds up through many, many uses and works perfectly with either the left or right knee.

Knee Support Strap Features

  • Minimal design differs from bulky, annoying braces
  • Provides tremendous patellar support, reducing knee pain and injury risk
  • Extremely comfortable and customizable to fit all leg sizes
  • Easy to attach with simple buckles and Velcro Tabs
  • Relieves Runner’s Knee and many other common exercise issues

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