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Time For A Little Yoga

Yoga continues to gain notoriety as one of the most beneficial forms of exercise, enhancing flexibility and strength while taking a minimal toll on joints and muscles. With a Kids Yoga Mat, you can instill the ideas and techniques behind this widely embraced fitness style at a young age. When children are able to grasp yoga concepts and get an early handle on the mental, physical and emotional benefits of this form of exercise, the long-term advantages can be considerable. More and more, doctors and physical therapists are noticing and promoting the positive outcomes for kids that learn and engage in yoga. With a kids yoga mat, you can pass these principals onto your child or student.

With a Kids Yoga Mat, children are able to realize a wide range of benefits from yoga. These include increased flexibility, improved balance and coordination, stronger focus, greater confidence and a more attuned connection between mind and body. The Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat is recommended for kids age 5 through 8, which is a critical juncture in life where many entrenched habits are formed. By learning about the practice of yoga, and specifically those important foundations behind it, you are ingraining a health mindset at a crucial time. Yoga is a easy and less dangerous than almost any other form of workout, making it an excellent option for kids as they embark on a path to lifetime wellness.

Make Exercise Fun With Kids Yoga Mat

With bright colors and kid-friendly designs, a Kids Yoga Mat can change your child’s mentality about exercising for the better. The mat comes with a bonus kids yoga class download, so even if you aren’t familiar enough with yoga techniques and practices to teach them, you’ll have the tools necessary to help kids learn all about it. Using these materials, you can come with different methods and rewards that make the process enjoyable for kids, giving them a positive mindset about fitness and health. The failure to develop such a mentality has been a problematic issue in our society as of late, contributing to increased obesity numbers and a variety of other widespread health problems. Help stem the tide by preaching healthy habits at a young age!

This Kids Yoga Mat Is Safe And Simple

This lightweight yoga mat is 3 mm thick and is made from PVC, so it won’t be a problem for children that are sensitive to latex. The material in the kids yoga mat is “6P Free,” meaning it does not contain any of the six harmful phthalates — DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP or DNOP — that have become focal concerns for a lot of parents in recent years. The yoga mat features a textured non-slip surface that will give your child traction while they learn and practice yoga techniques. The uses for this comfortable mat go beyond yoga, as kids can use it lay on and read a book, or as a pad on the floor for sleepovers. It can easily be rolled up for convenient transportation as well.

Why Get A Kids Yoga Mat?

  • Teach healthy habits to children at a young age
  • Comfortable with a no-slip surface
  • Fun rocket ship design with bright colors
  • Made from safe, 6P Free materials
  • Comes with downloadable free kids yoga class

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