Jaybird Sport Headphones

The Best Sport Headphones You Can Find

That’s a pretty substantial claim. Can the Jaybird Sport Headphones really back it up? Well, for a number of reasons, these awesome outdoor headphones stand out from the pack. For active individuals that frequently work out, there aren’t many better options to be found. The high-quality Jaybird X2 Sport Headphones with Bluetooth provide everything you need for clear and crisp music to accompany your exercising regimen or any activity. In terms of comfort, secure fit, battery life and audio quality, the Jaybird Sport Headphones rate very highly. These premium Bluetooth headphones feature some of the smallest ear buds on the market but still fit great and sound even better.

Utilizing Bluetooth technology to connect you wirelessly to your music-playing device, such as a smartphone or MP3 player, the Jaybird Sport Headphones deliver skip-free audio, enabling you listen to all of your favorite tunes and podcasts smoothly even during intense runs or fitness sessions. When you are able to become totally immersed in your listening experience, your workouts tend to become much easier to get through. When you’re focusing intently on something other than the labor and tedium of exercising, the time goes by much faster and the task is made more manageable. This is a great trick for those who struggle to endure long workouts, but only a high-quality noise-cancelling set like the Jaybird Sport Headphones will be truly effective toward this end.

Jaybird Sport Headphones With Comply Premium Foam Ear Tips

One of the most outstanding aspects of the Jaybird Sport Headphones is the inclusion of innovative Premium Comply Foam ear tips, which are exclusive to the Jaybird brand. Unlike the typical rubber or plastic ear buds that often leave much to be desired and tend to easily fall apart, these foam ear buds contour to the shape of your ears for a truly comfortable and secure fit. They enable advanced noise cancellation so that all of the extra sounds from the outdoors or the gym are silenced while your music streams through clearly and fully. The Jaybird Sport Heaphones also come with secure-fit ear fins that warp around the outside of your ear and keep the headphones in place throughout any activity.

Jaybird Sport Headphones Are Perfect For Exercise

With their stable hold and their tightly focused audio performance, the Jaybird Sport Headphones are great for anyone to exercise with. The set comes with a lifetime sweat-proof warranty, so you can trust that even while you’re getting drenched during a hardcore workout, the headphones will hold up and continue to function optimally. In addition to the Comply Premium ear tips, the package also includes silicone ear tips for those who prefer a more standard option. You’ll also get a silicone sport carrying case, a charging cable and clips for the cord. The Jaybird Sport Headphones boast up to eight hours of continuous music playback or voice calls, and Bluetooth range up to 30 feet.

Jaybird Sport Headphones Features

  • Wireless skip-free music during workouts and other activities
  • Lifetime sweat-proof warranty keeps you protected
  • Revolutionary Comply foam ear tips offer unparalleled comfort and fit
  • Eight or more hours of continuous music playback
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device

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