Jawbone Fitness Watch

More Than An Activity Tracker

There are plenty of activity tracker wristbands out there, as it’s one of the fastest growing verticals within electronics, but the Jawbone Fitness Watch goes a step beyond most competitors with a deep set of features designed to promote and support comprehensive health benefits. Day or night, awake or asleep, the Jawbone Fitness Watch is there to track and deliver key insights on every aspect of your routine, helping you form better habits and follow through. If you’re interested in boosting your wellness and feeling better throughout the day, this is the fitness watch you need to look into. And compared to many alternative options, the price tag is incredibly reasonable.

The Jawbone Fitness Watch is the most advanced activity, sleep and meal tracker around, combining every aspect of wellness into one package to become the ultimate virtual health coach that is with you at all times. Going beyond the standards functions of monitoring various aspects of movement and calorie-burning progress, the UP3 Jawbone Fitness Watch provides personalized guidance that helps you set realistic goals and achieve them. Jawbone’s wristband has been named by The Verge as the best fitness tracker you can buy citing its motivational tools as a differentiator that sets it apart from other contenders. This is an accessory that really helps drive results.

Jawbone Fitness Watch Is Your Smart Coach

With patented multi-sensor technology, the newest Jawbone Fitness Watch tracks every element of your health, from both resting and passive heart rate to activities to sleep patterns and more. Using in-depth data and insights, the watch delivers information that helps promote better heart health, and presents everything through a sleek and simplified interface through your Android or Apple smartphone. By tracking a variety of different factors and utilizing advanced algorithms that apply to your personal activities and habits, the Jawbone Fitness Watch provides key info that is attuned specifically to you, and can be put to use in meaningful ways.

Look And Feel Great With Jawbone Fitness Watch

Unlike some of the bulkier and more glitzy smartwatches and activity trackers that you’ll find, the Jawbone Fitness Watch is subtle and sleek on the wrist. It is extremely easy to put on, and can be worn for long periods of time without feeling cumbersome of uncomfortable. That’s a great thing, because with a battery life of up to a week between charges, and with its deep sleep tracking capabilities, you won’t be wanting to take it off very often. The device’s abilities for accurately measuring and offering insights on resting heart rate, in particular, are something you don’t find in many similar products. The Jawbone Fitness Watch isn’t just an activity tracker — it’s an everything tracker.


Jawbone Fitness Watch Features

  • 24/7 wearable with battery life up to seven days
  • Tracks all activities, like running, swimming and playing sports
  • In-depth sleep tracking and insights to help you get more rest
  • Delivers personalized insights, acting as a virtual fitness coach
  • Manage your nutrition through the unique Food Tracking capability

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Jawbone Fitness Tracker

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