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Where To Find Inferno LighterThe Best Windproof Lighter?

How do you produce a flame that won’t be blown out by strong winds or severe weather conditions? Inferno Lighter believes that the key is using no flame at all. This breakthrough product is taking the outdoor accessory industry by storm with the most innovative approach to fire-starting that we have seen in years. The advantages offered by the Inferno Lighter, in comparison to the conventional models that we’ve become accustomed to, are innumerable. This is the No. 1 outdoorsman’s accessory of 2016 and demand has been skyrocketing as word has spread about its unique design and stunning effectiveness. If you’re tired of buying lighter after lighter and struggling to find that spark consistently, it’s time to look into the Inferno Lighter.

Inferno Lighter uses patented dual beam technology uses electricity rather than any flammable liquid or fluid, preventing the possibility of leaks or the need for constant refills. Powered a by a USB-rechargeable battery, this personal lighter produces dual electronic beams between two small compact points. When activated, this small lighting beam is nearly impossible to extinguish with wind, making the Inferno Lighter the perfect companion for any camping or hunting trip. The challenges associated with huddling up and trying to spark a match or flick a lighter to life during tough weather now become a thing of the past with this groundbreaking gadget.

How Does Inferno Lighter Work?

The Inferno Lighter utilizes an electric current to generate an electric spark. There’s nothing to flick or shake in order to get this fire-starting lighter activated, it simply requires the tap of a button, and the built-in rechargeable battery handles the task. When the spark is lit, an electrical circuit is started and it runs continuously until you flip it off. When exposed to the air, this powerful electrical current can be used to light almost anything, from matches to wicks to cigarettes to kindling and much more. It is completely immune to wind, which in and of itself will be a highly appealing aspect for any smokers who have tried to light up on a breezy day. 

Inferno Lighter Features

Inferno Lighter Is The Safe Choice

Aside from its convenience and effectiveness as an outdoor tool, the Inferno Lighter was also developed because of growing concerns over the safety of chemicals used in standard lighters. Recent research has raised additional questions over the risks of butane lighter fluid, which is toxic to humans and more likely to leak or be inhaled than previously believed. That’s not even touching on the downright inconvenient aspects of a butane-fueled lighter, which runs out of fuel quickly and can be unreliable when inclement weather comes along. The Inferno Tactical Lighter uses no liquids or chemicals and is simply powered by electricity, making it the safest option available for you and those around you.

Inferno Lighter Features

  • The tactical lighter powered by electrical current
  • No chemicals, liquids, fumes or depleting fuel
  • Built from the most durable materials
  • Impervious to wind and severe weather
  • Extremely portable and beyond easy to use

Inferno Tactical Lighter Materials

The outer casing of the Inferno Lighter consists of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is obviously leaps and bounds ahead of those crummy old plastic lighters you have grown accustomed to. The inner components are built from premium circuitry that is geared toward long-lasting reliability. This is a tactical lighter that will last for years even with heavy usage.

Where To Find Inferno Lighter

You won’t find this product on shelves at your local outdoors equipment retailer, not yet anyway. Still in its initial wave of availability to the public, the brand new Inferno Lighter can only be found online. The manufacturers at Inferno are offering huge discounts if you buy more than one lighter at a time, so this is your chance to stock up on a few or acquire a few of the best gifts that you can give to any outdoors enthusiast or survival type in your circle. Click below to find special offers on Inferno Lighters.

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