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Putt Like The Pros!

Keeping your short game sharp during the winter months can be a challenge. Without an Indoor Putting Green, you’re bound to lose your edge. When the summer rolls back around, don’t you want to hit the links with confidence that you’ll be able to knock down that 10-footer and secure a birdie? Here’s your chance to keep your skills polished from the comfort of your own home while also having fun with family and friends. You’ve seen indoor putting greens before, but perhaps not one as realistic and detailed as this offering from the folks at Grassroots. In a variety of ways, this product really stands out as a great choice for golf enthusiasts and casual putters alike.

Measuring three feet wide and nine feet long, this inexpensive Indoor Putting Green can be set up anywhere you please — the living room, the basement, the office, the backyard — and makes for a perfect activity at parties and gatherings. Challenge friends to contests to see who can sink the most hole in ones. Try executing trick shots from different angles. It’s an excellent way of involving people of all ages. And if you’re a hardcore golfer that wants to grow and improve your game, there is no better way to practice at one of the sport’s most difficult elements to master than an Indoor Putting Green, which allows you to hone your ability to read and putt on realistic greens.

The Most Realistic Indoor Putting Green

This isn’t your father’s Indoor Putting Green. That old straight-shot setup with low-quality plastic turf that so easily got dented and damaged is a thing of the past. In contrast, the Grassroots Par Three Indoor Putting Green has a lifelike kidney shape and features an ultra-realistic putting surface that is designed for maximum smoothness and durability. You can shoot at your choice of three different holes, enabling you to hone your skills at a variety of angles and inclinations, and behind those three holes are a pair of sand trap cut-outs that catch your (hopefully rare) misses and add to the lifelike golfing experience.

Golfers Love This Indoor Putting Green

The Grassroots Par Three Indoor Putting Green has received overwhelmingly possible user reviews and has been especially touted by golfers, who appreciate its resemblance to the practice putting greens at their favorite golf courses. The ability to rapidly attempt putts at three different targets, as well as the soft and slow way this mat’s thick and sturdy surface plays. The modest incline leading up the holes is extremely helpful toward improving your ability to read different elevations and hills. This convenient indoor putting green can be rolled up and stored easily. Packing it up and bringing it back out for usage is made simple and convenient.

Why Is This The Best Indoor Putting Green?

  • Very affordable price
  • Realistic smooth and soft surface
  • Three different holes plus sand trap cut-outs
  • Great for home, office or yard
  • Nine feet long kidney shaped design

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