Hydration And Your Health

With all of the different diets, supplements, specialized formulas and supposedly groundbreaking meal plans out there intended to improve your health, people tend to overlook one of the simplest and most vital components in the wellness equation: hydration. The benefits of keeping your body hydrated are innumerable, and no matter how much water you’re drinking on a daily basis, there’s a good chance that it’s not enough.

We are constantly losing water from our bodies, mostly due to sweating and urination, and maintaining hydration by replenishing these lost fluids is critical. This supports all of our bodily processes and also benefits weight loss efforts by boosting metabolism and helps you feel more energy by preventing dehydration.

In order to keep hydration at recommended levels, the traditional recommendation is that a human consume around eight 8-oz glasses, or two liters, of water per day. But newer research suggests that you should drink even more than that. For instance, according to Mayo Clinic the Intitute of Medicine has pinpointed the recommended daily water intake at nine cups for women and 13 cups (a full three liters) for men. That’s a lot of water!

Making sure you’re drinking enough water to meet those recommendations can certainly be a challenge. It requires a certain level of attentiveness and preparation. But if you employ a few simple strategies, you’ll have no trouble getting the hydration you need. Here are a few approaches we advise:

Carry a Nalgene Water Bottle around everywhere

Durable and convenient, there’s a reason that the Nalgene water bottle is such a popular item in the health and fitness world. With its sturdy and almost unbreakable composition, and a lid that always remains tightly sealed, you can carry this water bottle around with you basically anywhere, and it holds 64 ounces of liquid. That means filling it and finishing it twice gets you all the way to the standard old two liter recommendation, and one more fill-up gets you to the heightened Insitute of Medicine recommendation. Bring your Nalgene bottle with you to work, activities, in the car, outdoors, and everywhere else!

Focus on drinking more water during dehydrating activities

Sometimes we tend to underestimate how many fluids we’re losing during certain activities. For instance, you might not think your hydration level is dropping very much during a light workout or a brisk walk because you’re not sweating a ton, but don’t be misled. Make sure to drink up before, during and after these events. Here’s another big one: drinking alcohol. It’s a substance that dehydrates the body greatly, which is the principal cause of many hangovers. During a night of fun, try to keep a 1:1 ratio for alcoholic beverages and glasses of water consumed. You’ll feel much better in the morning and your body will thank you.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Obviously, these foods are beneficial in a variety of ways, providing crucial nutrients and vitamins that help nurture your body. But many fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of water. Options such as watermelon and spinach, in addition to being extremely healthy overall, are composed of 90 percent water or more. By snacking on these kinds of foods, you’re helping boost your hydration as well as promoting overall wellness. Juices also tend to contain a lot of water.

Follow these tips, keep your hydration levels high, and enjoy the great health perks of the world’s most abundance resource!

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