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Activity tracker wristbands continue to gain prominence in the world of health and wellness, providing deep insights and statistics that were previously unavailable. The Garmin Fitness Band is one of the newest and most innovative products to join this category, boasting a number of slick features that not only track your progress but actually help motivate you to get moving and do better. The Garmin branded earned its reputation in the GPS business, building popular turn-by-turn directions devices for the car, but the company has shifted more and more into this space and the VivoFit is their most powerful and impressive model yet.

The thing that immediately sticks out about the Vivofit Garmin Fitness Band is the price, especially compared to heavy-hitters in the industry such as Fitbit. The original list price for the Garmin Fitness Band is $129.99, which is already lower than competing products such as the Fitbit Charge HR, but it has now been heavily marked down all the way to $49.99. That’s a 62 percent discount, indicating the Garmin is attempting to make some serious inroads against the entrenched leader. This is one of the most affordable fitness tracker wristbands that we have seen, and as you’ll see, the low price is not attributable to inferiority from a performance or feature set standpoint.

Garmin Fitness Band Features

Like most standard activity trackers, the Garmin Fitness Band monitors and displays your steps, calories, distance and other movements, providing you with useful readings on all of these important factors. It is smart and adaptive, learning your baseline activity levels and assigning customized goals. Those goals are adjusted continually, and as you meet milestones and progress, the Garmin Fitness Band will keep pushing and challenging you to improve with incremental increases, much like a fitness trainer. The band also monitors your rest patterns, informing you of the total amount you slept and how much you moved around in bed. The comprehensive insights provided by the Garmin Fitness Band will enable you maximize your wellness in all aspects of life.

Get Motivated With Garmin Fitness Band

One of the aspects we really love about the Vivofit Garmin Fitness Band are the motivational features. For many people, finding that motivational push can be the biggest challenge in a fitness regimen, and the Garmin Fitness Band has some subtle tools to help give you that edge. The biggest is the “Time to Move” mechanism, which causes a red bar to appear on the wristband’s display after one hour of inactivity. The bar disappears when you walk around. This builds from the importance of regular movement in terms of keeping your metabolism geared up so that your body continues to produce fat-burning enzymes throughout the day. There are also the aforementioned personalized goal-setting and milestone tracking abilities. Those kinds of perks make this wristband the ultimate 24/7 fitness tool.

Garmin Fitness Band Advantages

  • Tracks steps, calories, distance and more
  • Personalized goals and milestones that adapt to you
  • Durable water-resistant unit with battery that lasts up to a year
  • “Time to Move” feature motivates you to stay active
  • Sync with Garmin Connect to access added functionality on mobile device

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