Foam Yoga Mat

Yoga is widely viewed as one of the best forms of exercise for mind and body, so if you don’t have a Foam Yoga Mat, or you already have one that is worn down and beaten up, it’s time to look into picking up this great model from Sivan Health and Fitness. One of the most highly rated foam yoga mats available, this big, comfortable and convenient option provides everything you need for a fantastic yoga workout, and with the price currently knocked down to 50 percent off, there’s no better opportunity to get yours. Learn how to get the most of your sessions with this excellent foam yoga mat from the trusted Sivan brand.

When you have a Foam Yoga Mat, you’re able to unlock the many benefits of yoga, a form of exercise that continues to rapidly gain popularity and traction. Among the many wellness perks, yoga promotes improved flexibility, increased muscle strength, better posture, stronger bones, prevention of cartilage and joint breakdown, increased blood flow, improved mood and a whole lot more. Because of the low-impact nature of yoga, you need not worry about your body wearing down over time, as you do with running and other punishing exercises. Yoga is a fantastic fitness activity for people of all ages and physical capabilities, so a foam yoga mat makes a terrific gift for any individual who takes their health seriously.

The Best Foam Yoga Mat?

There a lot of different types and brands to choose from, but the Sivan Foam Yoga Mat has a good case for being the best of the bunch. This large model checks in at 71 inches long and 24 inches wide, making it a fit for people of all shapes and sizes. It is a durable and ultra-thick mat with specially designed memory foam, giving you complete comfort and protection from hard floors while effectively gripping the surface beneath it to stay in place even during intense movements. The non-skid ridges really differentiate this foam yoga mat from alternatives that slip and slide all over the place during workouts, throwing off your performance and exposing you to injury risk.

Foam Yoga Mat Convenience

One of the best aspects of a foam yoga mat is their portability and convenience, and Sivan’s offering delivers both in spades. The mat rolls up into a compact travel form, weighing only about one pound, and it easy to take with you anywhere you go with a handy carry strap. And despite the name, this foam mat works for more than just yoga. It’s also great for pilates, stretching, toning, and any type of exercise that involves being on the ground. With its smooth, flexible yet firm material, Sivan’s foam yoga mat serves as an extremely comfortable yet effective cushion during your workouts, and at a price that can’t be beaten, it’s the best foam yoga mat that we have covered here at Sports Gear Central.

Sivan Foam Yoga Mat Features

  • Ultra-thick and comfortable mat provides the comfort you need
  • Works great for yoga, pilates, stretching and other exercises
  • Roll it up and use the carrying strap for easy portability
  • One of the largest foam yoga mats available at 71″ long and 24″ wide
  • Tremendous value with an unbeatable discounted price

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