A Perfect Fit For Fitness!

The newest fitness trend that’s sweeping the nation is the FlipBelt, an accessory that is adding new levels of convenience and comfort to workouts everywhere. At first, you’ll find the FlipBelt to be a handy tool, but after spending some time with it, you’ll undoubtedly view it as an indispensable component of your exercise routine, and you’ll wonder how you got by without it. This innovative and revolutionary piece of apparel enables you to carry necessary items and equipment with you while during workout sessions while never needing to worry about losing or dropping them. For the fitness enthusiast, a FlipBelt is a great personal pick-up or a perfect gift.

The FlipBelt solves a problem that is common for people who run, bike, or work out at the gym: How can I carry my phone, keys and other items without being encumbered by hanging pockets or worrying about them falling out? Running with a smartphone dangling in your pocket is particularly scary, because one big stride could send that highly expensive device flying onto the concrete. Routine jogs have led to many a shattered phone, or a lost set of keys. Many people actually run with their phone in their hand while they listen to music from it, which negatively affects form, and is impossible if you’re trying to lift weights or ride a bike. Wouldn’t you like to eliminate that hassle with a piece of apparel that securely and conveniently holds all of your valuables while you get in your fitness session? If so, FlipBest is for you.

How Does FlipBelt Work?

It’s pretty simple, really, and that’s the beauty of FlipBelt. Made out of an elastic, sophisticated Spandex-Lycra blend material, the FlipBelt has four internal openings that you can easily slide items in and out of for a safe hold and quick access. Once you have tucked your necessities — anything from phones, keys, credit cards, gel packs and more — into these high-tech pockets, you flip the belt around and they are safely locked into place. There are no clasps, buttons or velcro attachments, giving you tons of flexibility to wear the FlipBelt anywhere that is most comfortable. This ground-breaking accessory makes it more simple and comfortable than ever to bring everything you need on a workout.

Comfort, Convenience And Style With FlipBelt

In addition to make keeping your valuables safe and secure, the FlipBelt is a very comfortable and fashionable accessory. It’s made from a machine-washable material that is easy to keep clean, and comes in numerous different size and color options to suit anyone’s physical shape and personal tastes. The lack of fastener apparatuses keeps it very soft and comfortable against your body, and the flexible spandex adapts to you so that it fits snugly but isn’t overly tight. The moisture-wicking material stays dry through sweat-drenched workouts. The FlipBelt works so well that you might be inclined to wear it under your coat or sweatshirt outside of workouts, simply as a means to carry around your personal items without the need for a wallet or purse.

FlipBelt Features

  • Revolutionary workout accessory holds personal items safely
  • Comfortable fit and stylish look
  • Made from a breathable, moisture-wicking Spandex/Lycra material blend
  • Comes in a vast assortment of sizes and colors
  • One of the fastest-growing fitness accessories on the market

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