Fitbit Surge Watch

The Best GPS Wristwatch

Coming from the leading brand in fitness tracker wristbands, the Fitbit Surge Watch is the top-selling GPS unit for runners, and is the premier model in the company’s line of wearable activity monitoring accessories. For anyone who wants to lose weight, become more active in their lifestyle, sleep better or simply gain more insights on everyday activities and movements, the Fitbit Surge Watch is the top product available. This cutting-edge device is the most advanced and sophisticated one offered by Fitbit, in terms of functionality and feature set. If you’re serious about your fitness and you want a tool that can greatly assist you on your path to improved wellness, there is no better option.

With its highly accurate GPS tracking capabilities, the Fitbit Surge Watch is able to deliver in-depth readings on your runs, with statistics on distance, pace, elevation and more. You can use the Run Cues feature to track run progress on the fly with real-time pop-up notices denoting milestones. The unit features outstanding battery life up to 10 hours with continuous GPS usage. Multi-Sport and SmartTrack functionality means that the Fitbit Surge Watch is useful for more than just runs, as it automatically detects your exercise types and provides relevant insights on bike rides and other workouts. This fitness tracker is the ultimate exercise accessory.

What Differentiates The Fitbit Surge Watch?

Any consumer will notice that the Fitbit Surge Watch is the most expensive in Fitbit’s series of activity trackers, which also includes the Fitbit Charge HR, the Fitbit Flex Sleep, the Zip and many others. Is it worth the extra money? For the hardcore workout junky or anyone seeking comprehensive coverage, yes it is. Unlike other models, the Fitbit Surge Watch can connect with your music player — smartphone, tablet, MP3 — through Bluetooth, allowing you to control your music from your wrist while you work out. The Surge also boasts longer battery life, better water resistance ratings, ability to select workouts from within the display, and of course the integration of GPS technology. This product offers performance like no other fitness wristband available.

Fitbit Surge Watch Tracks Everything

This premium product is built to track every key aspect of your health and activity. In addition to the deep location-based insights, it also gathers your heart rate — breaking it down into simplified heart zones in order to provide context for the info — as well as your sleep patterns, calories burned, total active minutes, floors climbed and more. With caller ID, text notifications and a clock on its high-tech touch screen, the Fitbit Surge Watch really is an all-in-one device that you’ll use and appreciate constantly. Sync the wristband up with your smartphone to tap into a new level of data, including goals, meal logging, trend analysis and much more.

Fitbit Surge Watch Features

  • The only Fitbit wristband with built-in GPS tracking
  • Control music from your smartphone or MP3 player through the watch
  • Tracks distance, heart rate, calories, sleep patterns and more
  • Multi-Sport and SmartTrack capabilities automatically detect workout type
  • Slick additional perks like a silent vibrating alarm, text notifications, caller ID

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