Fitbit Flex Sleep

There are countless fitness tracker wristbands on the market, but the Fitbit Flex Sleep was engineered with one hugely important and underrated aspect of wellness in mind: a good night’s rest. People focus so much on eating right and exercising that they tend to overlook this crucial component to being healthy and feeling good. Developing good sleep habits is critical to maintaining energy levels, sharpening focus and boosting metabolism to assist with weight loss. By using an effective and reliable sleep tracker like the Fitbit Flex Sleep, you can gain valuable and useful insights on your sleep cycles and make the adjustments necessary to ensure you’re getting the proper sleep you need.

Using advanced technology, Fitbit Flex Sleep is able to deliver accurate readings on your sleep throughout the night, informing you how many times throughout the night you’re awakening, and when. This is vital information because many of us are unaware that we might be suffering from uneven sleep cycles. You might lay in bed for eight hours at night, thinking that you’re resting soundly, only to wake up feeling tired and groggy in the morning. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night without even noticing, making it difficult to pinpoint and improve the issue. The insights provided by Fitbit Flex Sleep enable you to gain a better understanding of your sleeping patterns and make the changes necessary to improve them and boost your overall health.

Critical Insights From Fitbit Flex Sleep

The Fitbix Flex Sleep wristband affixes comfortably to your wrist and you won’t notice it during your slumber. Using a cutting-edge accelerometer and other high-end gadgetry in order to record accurate readings of movement and positioning, the Fitbit tracker is able to accurately monitor your sleep cycle, informing you when you woke and for how long. You can set goals, determine where your problem points are, and view in-depth analytics such as “Sleep Efficiency.” If you’re not getting the quality rest you desire, Fitbit Flex Sleep can help you learn and improve through auto-detecting mechanisms. You can also set a silent alarm on the wristband to awaken you with subtle vibrations, so this device helps you wake up better in addition to sleeping better!

Fitbit Flex Sleep And More

In the expansive line of Fitbit models, the Fitbit Flex Sleep specializes in tracking and analyzing sleep patters better than any other, but this wristband also carries plenty of other functions that make it an excellent fitness tracker and overall health promoter. By wearing your Fitbit throughout the day, you can track your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, overall active minutes and more. The Fitbit Flex Sleep can sync up with your smartphone (iOS or Android) allowing you to gain real-time access to your stats and view your data in different ways, with graphs and tables providing deep insights. For anyone who is interesting in health and wellness, this device is a no-brainer.

Fitbit Flex Sleep Features

  • Tracks your sleep patterns and when you’re awakening at night
  • Sleek, stylish and comfortable around your wrist
  • Wakens you (and no one else) in the morning with silent alarm
  • Monitors activity (steps, calories, etc.) throughout the day as well
  • Syncs with Apple and Android smartphones easily

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