Filtration Straw

Filtration StrawCheck Out This Innovative Survival Straw Filter

If you are an outdoors or survival enthusiast, you need to take a look at the Filtration Straw. It is a brand new, groundbreaking production that adds an entirely new element to outdoor exploration and adventuring. Suddenly, virtually any water source you come across in nature becomes drinkable thanks to the advanced filtering action of this compact accessory. This survival straw filter may quickly become the most indispensable tool in your backpack. Experts are hailing the Filtration Straw as the most important invention to come along in the sports and outdoors gear category in many years.

Why is the Filtration Straw so important? Because hydration is the most important factor for anyone who is hiking, camping or travelling outside. When we run low on hydration, our bodies cease to function optimally. We lose energy, our immune function declines and our ability to focus and concentrate diminishes. Lugging around a giant water bottle is heavy, cumbersome and inefficient. Plus, once those liquids are gone, they’re gone. What if you have a lengthy outing planned? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to safely drink the water that you find in streams, ponds and lakes? Amazingly, the Filtration Straw makes it possible.

How Does The Filtration Straw Work?

The Filtration Straw is crafted from new-age, ultra-lightweight materials. When unfilled, it weighs less than two ounces. It is also only nine inches long and one inch in diameter, making it extremely easy to pack up and transport. Despite the minimalist design, this survival straw filter from Primitive Survival is profoundly effective at removing harmful elements from water found in nature. Drinking such liquids on their own can be very dangerous. Now you can stay safely hydrated.

Filtration Straw Features

The Filtration Straw uses a double-action technique for removing harmful properties from drinking water. First, the liquid travels through a hollow fiber of membrane. Then, it passes an antibacterial activated carbon filter. This survival straw filter system removes 99.9 percent of all bacteria, parasites and viruses. Among the harmful materials routinely eliminated by the Filtration Straw are E. Coli, shigella, salmonella and vibrio cholerae. Believe us, you do not want any of these things in your body. This accessory is able to remove them without requiring electrical power or batteries, and there are no parts that you’ll need to maintain or replace. The convenience of this tool is unsurpassed.

Filtration Straw Features

  • Removes 99.9$ of parasites, viruses and bacteria
  • Enables safe and healthy consumption of water from lakes and rivers
  • Incredibly lightweight and compact for easy portability
  • Easy to use, with no battery or parts requiring replacement
  • Ranked as the #1 new survival accessory of 2016

How To Use Survival Straw Filter

There isn’t much to it, really. Place one end of the Filtration Straw in your water source — whether a river, lake, or even a puddle — and suck in to get the fluids moving through the filter system. The straw will quickly remove bacteria, protozoa and other contaminants for safe drinking. This product does not use chemicals and is BPA free, so there is no need to worry.

Where To Buy Filtration Straw

You won’t find this acclaimed new product in stores. Because it is new and in such high demand, it is available only online. Fortunately, Primitive Survival is currently making the Filtration Straw available at a great discount. By clicking below and taking advantage of this exclusive offer for Sports Gear Central readers, you can grab this survival straw filter for a whopping 75 percent off. We assure you this deal won’t last long, so make sure you order yours today. Don’t leave home without it!

Filtration Straw Discounts

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