Electric Earmuffs

The Hunt Is On!

For the hunter or outdoorsman, these Electric Earmuffs from Howard Leight are an indispensable accessory. An amazing tool that utilizes advanced audio suppression technology, these ultra-comfortable earmuffs protect your ears from noises above 82 decibels (i.e. gunshots) while amplifying quieter sounds, thus enabling you to hear all of the important subtle noises that are vital to the hunt while at the same time dampening the loud shots that are being fired within the direct proximity of your ears. This uncanny ability to selectively pass audio frequencies through to your ears make these smart earmuffs an incredibly handy item for out on the range or in the woods.

Whether you’re an advanced shooter who has spent plenty of time out on the hunt or a beginner, you’ll love these Electric Earmuffs, which bring tremendous convenience and comfort that are unparalleled among hunting accessories. If you’ve ever shot a gun, then you probably are aware that the loud bang can be damaging for your hearing and can leave your ears ringing for a long period of time. This makes it difficult to hear the soft noises that help you track prey, or to hear the hushed whispers and communications from companions. By cancelling out loud noises and also serving to amplify quiet noises that can be critical to your task at hand, the Howard Leight Impact Sport OD Electric Earmuffs save your ears and enhance your experience.

Listen To Music With Electric Earmuffs

In addition to their highly useful noise cancelling and amplification features, you can also use the Electric Earmuffs as headphones by utilizing the external audio input jack. This is a great feature for hunters, enabling you to plug in your smartphone or MP3 player and listen to music or a podcast while in between shooting sessions or while travelling. It also opens numerous other ways to use the electric earmuffs. Want to listen to music while cutting your grass without having your tunes drowned out by the obnoxiously loud lawn mower sounds? This headset is perfect for any such activity, providing you with a clear and crisp audio stream that is free of undesired ambient noise.

Electric Earmuffs Offer Amazing Comfort

These electric earmuffs are designed for maximum comfort while being worn over lengthy periods of time. The compact earcups are padded for a snug fit on the sides of your head, and specifically engineered so as not to impede with your ability to hold and aim a gun — even a larger rifle and firearm stock. The electric earmuffs fold up easily, making them highly portable and storable. The set has a built-in auto shut-off feature after four hours to help preserve battery life if you forget to switch the flip. This durable, surprisingly lightweight and user-friendly electric earmuffs really outshine the competition and are the perfect holiday gift for any hunter or outdoorsman in your family or friend circle. They are an especially terrific value right now, marked down 47 percent from the original list price and with free shipping as well!

Electric Earmuffs Features

  • Cancels out noises over 82 dB to protect your ears
  • Amplifies quieter sounds 3x for increased awareness and communication
  • Comfortable and durable, great for wearing during long sessions
  • Plug in an MP3 player or other audio device through input jack
  • Automatic shut-off after four hours to preserve battery life

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