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We’re kind of over the 29er trend, honestly.  But that’s only because we love the tweener 27.5 so much.  It’s the perfect range for navigating tough terrain, but also nimble when climbing up hill.  It also saves a bit of weight, making it ideal for people who use it as a multi-purpose bike.  But enough about the size, the Diamondback Sorrento is does everything right that we like in a 27.5, and does it without breaking the bank.  It also uses quality, entry level components that make it much more durable than your typical ride.  This is a great bike for the price, and from a trusted company in MTB.  Check it out by clicking the image above!

The Diamondback Sorrento is a good mix of performance, reliability and price.  It gives people looking for an entry point into mountain biking a great, fun bike to get them riding.  While there are some definite trade-offs, namely in the brakes, you’re still getting a great frame, great wheels, and great components like the SR Suntour M3030 XC 75mm fork.  The components are largely Shimano, which is a great company, and it sports a great-looking aluminum frame. If you’re ready to learn more about the Diamondback Sorrento 27.5, click the link below!  

Diamondback Sorrento Features

One of the best design features of the Diamondback Sorrento is it’s size.  With 27.5″ wheels, the Sorrento is more than capable of keeping up with the big boys, but much more nimble than a typical 29er.  This is further bolstered by the snappy SR Suntour M3030 75mm suspension fork, that gives snappy steering and great control over all types of terrain.  It has a 75mm travel, which is great for absorbing big impacts, and with the 27.5″ tires, you’re able to roll over terrain that a 25″ simply can’t.

Diamondback Sorrento Review 

Diamondback Sorrento Specs

It uses a lot of shimano hardware, with the front and rear derailleurs as well as the shifter, cogset and brake levers all coming from the dependble Shimano line.  The chain is a KMC-Z51, and the cranks are MTB Steel.  The headset is from Ahead.  But the real showstopper is the DB 6061-T6 frame, which features butted aluminum w/gusset and a replaceable hanger that can be replaced should you wear it out.  It also comes in sizes suited to all shapes and sizes of riders, with 16″, 18″, 20″, and 22″ frames. The grips are DB4L 125mm Kraton, and the seat is a nice diamondback men’s ATB.  

Diamondback Sorrento Benefits:  

  • Great For Trail And Mountain
  • Solid Components
  • Great Entry Level Bike
  • Easy, Fast Shipping
  • Perfect For Beginner-Moderate Skill Levels

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When you’re ready to start shopping for the best price on the Diamondback Sorrento 27.5, click the banner below!  We’ve went ahead and linked to the best available price, and one with plenty of reviews for you to check out before you buy.  If you’re nervous about getting a bike shipped to you, don’t be!  It’s relatively painless, and can get you bike without the costly markup that you’ll find at physical stores!
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