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Diamondback RecoilNEW:  Recoil Diamondback Review!

You all know how much we love MTB here at Sports Gear Central, and lately we’ve been covering quite a few of the 2016 Diamondback.  That’s not because we’re shills, far from it.  But Diamondback does do something that we like, and that’s getting people out on the trail with bikes that are dependable.  The Diamondback Recoil is no exception.  While this one is at the peak of a lot of people’s price range, it has recently received a $100 price drop which makes a huge difference.  This is a great deal for a dependable, high performance bike, and one that we’ll recommend to just about anybody.  Click the image to check it out now!

The Diamondback Recoil has a lot to like at it’s price range.  It’s built around a 27.5″ tailored frame made from 60661 T-6 aluminum that proves to be strong, durable and robust.  The front fork features a SR Suntour XCT 100mm suspension, which gives quite a bit of travel, and the rear suspension coil helps to even out even the roughest terrain.  Add to that some solid disc brakes from Tektro, and you have a bike that is ready to ride immediately.  We highly recommend this bike, check it out by clicking the link below!


Diamondback Recoil 27.5″ Specs

Most full-suspension bikes you’ll see are pretty complicated pieces of equipment, with components that look more at home on a space craft then they do on a bike.  Instead of falling into that trap, the Diamondback Recoil has instead erred on the side of simplicity.  This focus allows for increased durability, more predictable performance, and easier repair, should something go wrong.  The frame is built using a sturdy 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, that proves to be both sturdy, and performance minded.  It’s optimized with a single pivot cartridge bearing as well, for better performance.  Add to that an optimized SR Suntour XCT 100mm suspension fork, and a Kindshock coil shock in the rear, and you get a great, smooth ride in even the roughest terrain.

Diamondback Recoil Reviews

Diamondback Recoil Reviews

The DB Recoil has been generally well received, with reviews pointing out that it doesn’t have the hardware that some higher priced bikes have, but that’s to be expected.  With the recently reduced price from $800 to $700, you’re getting a ton of value for the money.  That isn’t just paper value, either.  You’ll immediately see that value on the trail, where you’ll be getting top notch performance for the price of an entry level bike.  

Diamondback Recoil Benefits:

  • Great Downhill Bike For Price
  • Recent Price Drop
  • Trusted Name In MTB
  • Quality Components And Hardware
  • Rock Solid Frame

Shop The Diamondback Recoil Amazon Store!

If you’re looking for a great deal on a great price, we’ve found the best possible price on the Diamondback Recoil on amazon.  We’ve linked to that price below, and keep in mind that the price does change, so keep an eye out for better deals in the recommended products section.  There are a lot of good bikes in this price range, so keep an eye out!  Thanks for reading, hope to see you back soon here at Sports Gear Central!

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