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Diamondback OutlookGet  A New Outlook On Life!

While we’re not going to sit here and tell you that the Diamondback Outlook is going to change your life, we will tell you that it will certainly help.  There aren’t many bikes of this quality at this price on the market, and that’s huge for riders looking for a way to get out on the trail and enjoying the outdoors.  It features larger wheels than your typical bargain bike, at 27.5″, and with a nice SR Suntour M3030 fork, you get a great ride.  This is great bike for people looking for a dependable trail bike, but if you want something a bit more high performance, check out the Diamondback Overdrive which yo ucan get a pretty significant step up for around a hundred bucks more.  

The Diamondback Outlook does a lot of things right for a beginner trail bike.  First, it uses drum brakes, which are WAY more familiar to most riders.  It’s low maintenance, and ready to ride.  It also saves a few bucks by foregoing the rear suspension in favor of a better components.  That shows in their choice of Shimano components for the derailleurs, shifter, and cogset.  The frame is a bit heavier than the Overdrive, but also carries with it better stability and longevity.  If you’re looking for a dependable bike, this is a great choice.  Click the link below to learn more! 

Diamondback Outlook Specs

Starting with the frame, the Diamondback Outlook is really built to be dependable and comfortable for long rides.  This focus is apparent in the DB Steel MTB frame, that uses steel rather than aluminum.  The trade off here is weight, but you’re getting a much more durable frame than with aluminum.  Adding to that durable, reliable mentality, the SR Suntour M3030 27.5″ Coil Spring Fork offers nice shock absorption, and dependable performance.  Moving down, the headset and cranks  are reliable, nothing fancy.  The derailleurs, shifter and cogset are all Shimano, which all complement the build of the bike.

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Diamondback Outlook Components 

Moving down the bike, the rims are 36h R-1000 Alloy, and are 27.5″.  This is a good size, and one you won’t typically find in bikes that are less expensive than this.  It offers a good mix of maneuverability and ability to navigate harsh terrain, making it ideal for multi-situational riding.  The tires further bolster that, as the Chaoyang Hornet tires prove to be grippy on difficult terrain.  The seat is pretty spartan, and is a standard downhill.  If you plan on sitting on the seat instead of riding aggressively, then you’ll want to start looking for a different seat.

Diamondback Outlook Benefits:

  • Good Mix Of Functionality And Performance
  • Good Components For Price
  • Great Company IN MTB
  • Very Durable Bike
  • Solid Bike, Solid Price

Shop The Diamondback Outlook Amazon Store!

Looking for a great entry-level hardtail at a great price?  The Diamondback Outlook offers a great mix of durability, versatility, and reliability, and does it at a price that will keep you from working overtime to afford it.  If you’re interested in checking it out, the best price we’ve been able to find has been on amazon.  If you’ve never ordered a bike from Amazon, it’s really easy, especially when it comes fully assembled!  Thanks for reading, and make sure to like, favorite, or share if you found this review helpful!

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