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Diamondback AxisBreak New Trail With The DB Axis!

The Diamondback Axis Comp 27/5″ is one of the best bikes we’ve covered here at Sports Gear Central.  Whether that’s because of the aggressive frame, or the veritable laundry list of high quality components, we’re not sure, but this one is a clear winner in it’s price range.  Best of all, it’s only $800 right now, which will save you some serious money.  There’s a lot to like about this bike, and we’ll cover that in-depth, but the best part by far is the ride.  This one can get cooking in a heartbeat, and is super responsive on technical segments.  This is a great bike from a trusted company, and one that comes highly recommended from not only us, but legions of riders across the world.  Check it out by clicking the image above!

One of the best things about the Diamondback Axis Comp 27.5″ is that you can generate an absolute ton of speed powering through downhill and XC trails without the baggage of a rear suspension getting int the way.  The bike is really built around this idea, incorporating the lightweight frame, snappy hydraulic brakes, and a tunable Rock Shox XC fitted fork that can get you flying through your favorite trail.  The wheels, the tires, basically everything about this bike is great.  Learn more about how you can get your DB Axis Comp by clicking the link below!

Diamondback Axis Comp 27.5″ Specs

The Diamondback Axis Comp is built around the 6061 aluminum frame, that proves to be both responsive and durable.  The top tube is angled back into the rider, promoting a downhill preferred shape.  This shape allows for better stability and directional control while heading downhill.  Adding to that control, the front fork features a tune-able Rock Shox CX 30, which has a whopping 4″ of travel for eating big obstacles. Should you want to avoid those obstacles, the steering translates well through the bars and into the tires, which sport an ultra knobby set of Schwalbe Rapid Rob tires.  Should you want to stop, the Avid DB1 Hydraulic disc brakes (180mm Front, 160mm Rear) will get you stopping fast. More below.

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Diamondback Axis Comp 27.5″ Components

Continuing on with the Diamondback Axis Comp parts, you’ll see the SRAM drivetrain, that gives smooth shifting between each of the ten gears.  The cranks are also nicely handled, and prove to transfer power well to the chain.  The pedals match the lightweight profile of the cranks, and prove to be grippy enough, and easy to replace if you have some you’d rather use.  The last thing we forgot to mention, the wheels, are DB SL-7 doublewall for a bit more tube protection.

Diamondback Axis Comp 27.5″ Benefits

  • Fantastic Bike For Price
  • Great Component Set
  • Snappy, Lightweight Frame
  • Tunable Rock Shox Fork!

Shop the Diamondback Axis Amazon Store!

The only place we’ve been able to find the Diamondback Axis Comp ever since Diamondback released their new lineup has been on amazon.  We’ve had really good luck with buying bikes on amazon, but make sure to check out the review before you buy, so you know what you’re getting into.  This is truly a great bike for the price, and one we’re happy to share with you all.  Click the banner below to order yours today!

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